Many people have an undeniable fascination with weapons, especially during childhood. Bedtime stories, cartoon shows, television series, and movies often incorporate weaponry, one of which is a sword. Swords, however, are more than just a weapon, as myths and legends made them a metaphor for nobility, discernment, and courage. Hence, many believe it’s better to give the kids sword toys to play with rather than guns. For example, a sword coloring page works well for everyone, regardless of age! It’s a relaxing activity that will give you the power and control to use your coloring weapons for fun!

Whether you’re looking for a sword to boost your creativity, improve your focus, or keep yourself occupied for a time, you’ll find one on our list of Sword coloring page here at the Coloring Kingdom. Go ahead and choose your favorite to get started!

Cat Holding Sword Coloring Page for Kids

sword coloring page 01

Here’s an adorable illustration that will make you put your weapons down! It features a cat holding a sword, ready for an upcoming battle. While it may look harmless, this cat possesses a hidden weapon: its undeniable charm attracting young coloring enthusiasts. Hence, if you want to keep your kids busy aside from playing with their mobile devices, give this coloring page a try!

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Ninja Holding Sword Coloring Page for Kids

sword coloring page 02

Aside from being highly-trained warriors, ninjas are also known for their expertise in sword fighting. For example, this vector illustration displays one of a ninja’s positions when using their sword to fight. The drawing uses distinct lines for kids to color the ninja without difficulty as it prepares to attack its enemy. If your kid loves ninjas, they’ll love to have a copy of this coloring page!

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Viking Holding Sword Coloring Page for Kids

sword coloring page 03

Seafarers, raiders, plunderers, warriors—these are the words often used to describe the Vikings. While they are famous for their brutal nature, this vector image begs to differ! Instead of looking violent, the Viking is smiling as it holds its sword. Its adorable features are evident in the illustration, making this the artwork kids will enjoy coloring with their favorite arts & crafts material.

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Samurai Holding Sword Coloring Page for Kids

sword coloring page 04

With focus and creativity, this samurai holding a sword will achieve its full potential when it comes to color! Look carefully, and you’ll see how satisfying it’ll be to see the samurai in the illustration with the colors of your choice. It’s an illustration that stimulates a kid’s artistic side, so let them warm up their imagination and create art!

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Swordman Holding Sword Coloring Page for Kids

sword coloring page 05

A swordsman may appear intimidating in real life, but they are adorable when drawn in coloring pages like the coloring page we got. The swordsman is ready to fight with its weapon of choice—a sword. There’s no limit to how far your imagination can go, so grab your coloring weapon and start the battle of creativity!

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Zacian Pokemon Sword Coloring Sheet

sword coloring page 06

Do you like pokemon? Do you know a pokemon enthusiast? If you do, this coloring page featuring Zacian will be a treasure to you! In its crowned sword form, it carries a golden sword in its mouth. You can search for an image of Zacian to copy its colors, but the freedom it’s up to you whether to follow it or not. Don’t forget to have fun!

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Sonic with Sword

sword coloring page 07

Being a fast hedgehog, Sonic needs a weapon that’s agile, nimble, or easy-to-control: a sword. The sword fits Sonic’s natural abilities, making it the perfect weaponry for him to use. To complete his look, fill his image with the color you believe best suits him! You can use your favorite watercolor set, markers, or crayons to bring him to life.

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Zelda Link with Sword

sword coloring page 08

Are you a fan of video games like The Legend of Zelda? If so, you’ll recognize the character depicted on this coloring page. It features Link, the primary protagonist in the high fantasy action-adventure video game, The Legend of Zelda. Link often wears a green-themed outfit, other times blue or red, but it’s up to you to follow these colors or not.

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Power Ranger with Sword

sword coloring page 09

Red, blue, yellow, or green, there’s a power ranger wearing an outfit with these colors! For example, you have control over the outfit color of the ranger on this coloring page! You can choose your favorite color or form a palette to designate a color to the accessories, especially the sword the ranger is holding.

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Optimus Prime with Sword

sword coloring page 10

Aside from the heroes in the Marvel universe, Optimus Prime has had his fair share in inspiring children as a hero in pop culture history. Hence, you’ll see this mighty hero not only in television shows or film series but also in coloring pages like this! There’s a lot of details to color, starting from the sword to his body. Grab your coloring utensils, and bring this robotic lifeform to life!

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Master Sword Coloring Page

If you’re searching for a harmless sword to give to yourself, consider this master sword coloring page! Although you can’t grasp it like a real sword, at least you’re safe from its sharp blade! The master sword illustrated also looks majestic as if designed to be in your possession. By adding your choice of colors, you’ll have a sword in no time!

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Knight with Sword Cartoon Coloring Page

Swords were the primary weaponry used by knights in old times. As you can see on this coloring page, swords and shields make a good pair of equipment for knights, one meant for an attack while the other for defense. If you’re free or looking for something worthwhile to do, grab this coloring page and watch this knight come to life with your coloring tools.

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Shield with Crossed Swords

Enjoy your morning coffee and chocolate chip cookies with this coloring page of a shield with crossed swords! Aside from giving your brain a headstart before the day’s work, it’s an illustration that will remind you of wisdom, courage, and discernment. It’s just what you need to start your day right!

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The Sword & The Viking

It’s fascinating to see how great and fierce a Viking looks with a sword! To make it even better, why not add your preferred colors to this coloring page? From the background to the sword, there are a lot of details to cover with your chosen coloring medium. Don’t get intimidated by the Viking; let your creativity battle with it!

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Fantasy Warrior Woman with Sword

Sit down with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea as you complete this challenging coloring page of a warrior with a sword! The well-defined lines and intricate details make this illustration a must-have for adults, especially those who want to enjoy their leisure time with no other thoughts bothering their minds. Once completed, you can display the results and admire the masterpiece you’ve done by yourself. What a self-fulfilling treat!

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Sword Maiden Coloring Page

Coloring pages are not exclusive to kids because adults can enjoy them too! For example, this sword maiden artwork invites adults to fill its details with their desired color combinations. It’s an excellent illustration with outstanding quality—a masterpiece once completed. There’s also something majestic in this image, from the graceful hair flowing to the shiny sword the maiden holds. Grab a copy for yourself and unleash the artist in you, regardless of your age!

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Animated Wonder Woman with Sword

Wonder woman fans will rejoice with this coloring page! Her stance in the image speaks courage while her sword flaunts nobility, making this illustration the perfect depiction of her as a hero. Although it’s impossible to meet her in real life, at least you’ll have the chance to bring her to life through this coloring sheet. Go ahead, grab your coloring utensils to begin the coloring process!

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Minecraft Sword Coloring Page

You don’t have to open your gadget to play enjoy the beauty of Minecraft because this coloring page brings it offline! It features a Minecraft character holding a sword as it rides a horse. Kids and adults will love this illustration as it uses well-defined lines and geometric shapes that are easy to color. Get yourself a copy of this coloring page now!

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Special Sword Coloring Sheet

Fire up your imagination with this coloring sheet! Like your determination to keep going in life, this special sword holds a fiery design surrounding its blade. It’s the perfect coloring page for kids of all ages and adults, too, especially those who would love to develop their creativity as they relax after a tiresome day of work.

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Knight with Sword Cartoon Coloring Sheet

Knights often combat with their shields and their most important weapon, swords. As depicted in this coloring page, the knight seems content with the mentioned weaponry on hand. Bring this knight to life through your preferred art utensils. There are no rules to the colors you’ll use for the knight or the sword: it’s all up to you and your artistic sense.

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Sword Coloring Page Conclusion

Get your coloring tools working through our compilation of sword coloring pages! There are many options to choose from, whether you’re looking for something easy or challenging. There is something for everyone, so don’t hesitate to pick any from our collection. Hit download to start a fun and relaxing coloring session!

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