Disney Junior’s hit series, The Lion Guard, follows the story of Simba and Nala’s second-born cub, Kion. He leads the Lion Guard, a group of heroes tasked with preserving and defending the Pride Lands. Despite its intended age group, the show offers an entertaining learning experience that resonates with people of all ages. It touches on relevant themes such as the emotional connection between the family members, the circle of life, responsibility, breaking traditions, courage, and friendship. It also has a way of presenting hard-to-discuss things without sounding terrifying for children. Environmental conservation and racial tolerance were also evident in some of its episodes. As a sequel to The Lion King, the series also contained the same formula of success: a compelling storyline, likable characters, and lively music. Hence, The Coloring Kingdom made a collection of Lion Guard Coloring Pages for fans and casual viewers to enjoy after watching the show.

Dive into our list of Lion Guard Coloring Pages! These coloring images are open for all ages, making it an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Simba and Kion from Lion Guard Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages 01

Simba accompanies his little cub, Kion, on this coloring page. They stand with pride, Kion bravely stepping ahead of his father. It’s an adorable sight to see, considering Kion will most likely become the next King. For now, it’s time for Kion to practice and gain knowledge about the world. That goes the same for you! It’s time for you to practice your coloring skills and learn to mix and match colors for better results.

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Kion Lion Guard

lion guard coloring pages 02

A confident Kion captures the spotlight on this coloring page! There’s a lion mark on his left, most likely symbolizing his role at the Lion Guard. Boost his confidence and cheer him on his journey as the next King through this coloring page! Add the colors you believe best fit his personality, but keep in mind to give it your personal touch.

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Fuli from Lion Guard Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages 03

Do you want to meet one of Kion’s friends from the Lion Guard? Here’s the coloring page for you! It features the teenage cheetah named Fuli, whose speed became valuable for the team. She has a soft, vivid yellow fur, with light to dark brown markings, resembling the appearance of the King Cheetah breed. Follow this description when coloring her image to bring her to life!

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Simba from Lion Guard Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages 04

Reigning King of the Pride Lands, Simba, shows off his size and stature on this coloring page. Although he’s just a recurring character in The Lion Guard, he remains one of the most popular characters, considering his role in The Lion King franchise. A fan-favorite, that’s for sure! If you’re his fan, give yourself a chance to color this coloring page and make it your own.

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Bunga Honey Badger

lion guard coloring pages 05

Bunga, the honey badger, is Kion’s best friend in the series, The Lion Guard. Doesn’t he look fearless on this coloring page? It’s unsurprising since his specialty is bravery, coupled with being an adventurer by nature. Come and take this coloring page as an opportunity to be this fearless honey badger’s friend!

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Kiara from Lion Guard Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages 06

Kiara, Kion’s older sister and future Queen Regnant of the Pride Lands, carefully makes her way on this coloring page. This young lioness embodies a unique blend of her parents, yielding her pretty appearance and inner beauty. She’s no doubt a fan favorite that you’ll enjoy coloring once you’ve got yourself a copy of this image!

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Janja Hyena

lion guard coloring pages 07

Janja, the male hyena on this coloring page, is one of the main antagonists in The Lion Guard. His intimidating stance on this illustration slightly gives away his evil nature. Don’t be scared! He may look frightening, but your crafty hands are more powerful than him. Grab your coloring tools and download this image!

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Beshte Hippo from Lion Guard

lion guard coloring pages 08

Beshte’s enthusiastic personality is evident on this coloring page! His winsome smile is contagious, inviting you to take part in filling his image with colors. Go ahead, call a friend to joy the coloring fun! Print a copy or two of this coloring page, and make a masterpiece that both of you can display once finished.

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Ono Egret from Lion Guard Coloring Page

lion guard coloring pages 09

Cattle Egrets in real-life possess cream or white feathers with yellow or orange bills. The same description goes for the Egrets on The Lion Guard! With this description in mind, you’ll be able to color Ono the Egret, respectively. A sample online may be of good help as well, especially if you want this character to color it as similar as the one on the series.

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Tiifu Lion

lion guard coloring pages 10

Tiifu joins the list of characters of The Lion Guard as one of Kiara’s best friends. She’s a cream-colored lioness with a caring spirit but may sometimes appear snarky and domineering. Grab this opportunity to color this adorable lioness! It’s a great way to practice your coloring skills and learn more about Tiifu’s physical and inner beauty.

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Rafiki Baboon from Lion Guard Coloring Page

Is this male mandrill’s face familiar to you? If you’ve watched The Lion King before, you’ll recognize him on this coloring page! This adult primate is a loyal friend to Simba and acts as an advisor to the Royal family. To celebrate his loyalty and support, take this chance to color him according to your memory.

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Lion Guard Characters

Are you looking for a poster-like coloring page that any Lion Guard fan will enjoy filling with colors? This coloring sheet delivers what you need! It features the main characters of the show: Kion, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, and Ono the Egret. The team stands with confidence, encouraging you to unleash the artist in you!

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Zazu from Lion Guard Coloring Page

Apart from Rafiki, another bird serves as an advisor to the King. The bird in discussion is Zazu, the adult male hornbill you’ll see on this coloring page. The King and Queen trust him, and he does his best to deliver his daily report and warn the Lion Guard of any possible threat. On the other hand, he counts on you to fill his image with colors you think to suit him best!

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Pumbaa from Lion Guard

Jolly with a deep heart, Pumbaa, the friendly warthog, claims the spotlight on this coloring page! A winsome smile escapes his lips as he walks towards his destination. Are you curious to know where he’s off to go? Use your active imagination to figure it out while filling this illustration with its respective colors!

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Reirei Jackal from Lion Guard Coloring Page

Some may deny it, but sometimes, the antagonists make a movie or series more interesting. Check out Reirei, the slender female jackal, on this coloring page! She’s one of the tertiary antagonists in The Lion Guard, known for her scheming ways and cunning personality. Indeed, antagonists may often appear annoying, but let this Reirei coloring page give you a joyful coloring session!

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Cheezi Hyena from Lion Guard

Cheezi, a male hyena with notches on his ears, seems to think of doing something crazy on this coloring page. Looking at his gaze, you can almost hear him laughing right after an idea comes to his mind. Dare not fret, as he can cause no harm once you start filling this illustration with colors!

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Mwoga Vulture From Lion Guard Coloring Page

This coloring page displays an image of Mwoga, an intimidating yet foolish male vulture. If you’re feeling restless or bored, coloring this illustration will stave off your boredom. Don’t get intimidated by Mwoga’s look! After all, it’s a coloring page under your control. You can choose to color Mwoga according to an online source or use your creativity to make him as vivid as you want!

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Makuu from Lion Guard

Does the sight of crocodiles frighten you? There’s no need to feel fear because this coloring page meant no harm! It shows a crocodile from The Lion Guard, a grin visible on his face. It’s a harmless illustration that offers plenty of benefits, including staving off boredom and allowing your creative freedom to soar. Don’t hesitate to print a copy of this coloring page today!

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Rani Lion Coloring Page

Rani joins Kion and his friends as the main characters of The Lion Guard. She eventually becomes the Queen with Kion as her King. Come and look at how adorable she looks on this coloring page! Anyone would fall for her charming appearance, paired with her brave personality. If she captured your interest, this is a great time to get to know her better! Grab your coloring tools and enjoy coloring her features.

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Timon from Lion Guard

If you’ve watched any film from The Lion King franchise, the sight of this meerkat on this coloring page will ring a bell in your memory. He’s Timon, Simba’s adoptive father, who lives an easygoing lifestyle. Now is your chance to relax with Timon! Grab a copy of this coloring page and have fun bringing him to life with the help of your creativity and tools.

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Lion Guard Coloring Pages Conclusion

Unite with Kion and the rest of his friends as you color these Lion Guard Coloring Pages! They make a great boredom buster and outlet for creativity, allowing you to reminisce your favorite The Lion King or The Lion Guard scenes. Choose your favorite and hit the download button after. Don’t hesitate to download more!

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