Book Spotlight: Cozy Spaces by Coco Wyo

Looking for a bit of peace in your day? Step into 50 designs featuring the calming embrace of familiar, cozy spots with chill-vibed cute animals in the Cozy Spaces Coloring Book.Pick up your coloring tools and relax in a comfy bedroom scene, or get creative in a warm cafe atmosphere. Let the soft aroma of a flower shop calm you, or add a splash of color to a cute kitchen nook.

So, why not give yourself a moment to unwind and ask, ‘Isn’t today the perfect day to color your way to calm?’

This book offers:

50 unique illustrations.
Large 8.5″ x 11″ pages.
Single-sided pages for easy coloring and framing.
Perfect for relaxation and art therapy.
High-resolution prints for clear, crisp images.
An ideal gift for yourself, your family members, and your color buddy.

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