The saber-tooth tiger is one of the most popular animals of the Pleistocene epoch, along with the woolly mammoth and giant ground sloths. If you’ve watched any Ice Age movies, you’re probably familiar with the saber tooth tiger. This predatory mammal’s most prominent feature is its long, razor-sharp, canine teeth. Hence, its name includes “saber-tooth.” While these fearsome carnivorous animals are long extinct, saber-tooth tigers remain a wonder as a relic of the Ice Age. For example, parents and schools teach students about their existence through images, books, and simulated videos. They also find a saber tooth tiger coloring page helpful for this purpose.

If you’re looking for coloring pages featuring saber tooth tigers, you came to the right place! Our record of saber tooth tiger coloring page here at the Coloring Kingdom is what you need, whether it’s for your students, children, or just for yourself.

Unique, Hand Drawn Saber Tooth Tiger Color Page

saber tooth tiger coloring page 01

Start your morning with a cup of coffee or tea, paired with this hand-drawn coloring page featuring a saber-tooth tiger. Although this fascinating beast lived thousands of years ago, this illustration allows people to see how they looked when they existed. Not only are you learning about the features of the saber-tooth tiger, but you’re also starting your day right!

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Saber Tooth Coloring Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 02

Have you got a new set of watercolors, crayons, or colored pencils? If so, test them out with this saber tooth coloring sheet! Aside from giving your coloring tools an illustration to color, you’ll also find it relaxing to unleash the beauty of this artwork. Once completed, you even have the choice to display your masterpiece wherever you want!

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Cute Saber-Toothed Tiger Coloring Book Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 03

Saber-toothed tigers are aggressive predators that are scary-looking for many, partly because of their long, sharp, canine teeth. However, feast your eyes on this cute version of a saber tooth tiger! The illustration will not frighten you as it features an adorable cartoon image of this predator. Grab your coloring tools and add your preferred colors to this coloring page now!

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Funny and Cute Saber-Toothed Tiger

saber tooth tiger coloring page 04

Are you looking for something to keep your little ones busy? Consider this cute coloring page featuring a saber-tooth tiger! The young mammal in this image stands in front of old wood, depicting what they possibly look like in the wild. Besides keeping your kid occupied, this coloring sheet will also stimulate their creativity and focus, a complete package for parents or teachers to use!

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Saber-Toothed Tiger Coloring Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 05

Young ones and grown-ups will love using their favorite coloring utensils on this coloring page! Although they’re extinct, a saber-toothed tiger takes the center of the stage as it stands in a platform-like rock in this image. Coloring this illustration is also an incredible way to keep anyone entertained on rainy afternoons, after a week of work, or whenever they have nothing else to do!

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Cartoon Saber-Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 06

Adorable yet fierce—that’s two words to describe how the saber-toothed tiger looks in this illustration. They’re typically scary in the wild back when they existed thousands of years ago, but they’re not that harmful on this coloring page. Prepare your crayons, markers, paints, or pencils and begin the creativity-sparking process of coloring this image!

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Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Dot Educational Game for Kids

saber tooth tiger coloring page 07

Here’s a coloring page that takes things to the next level! Apart from the illustration, kids will also enjoy the dot-to-dot educational game included in the worksheet. Once finished with the dot-to-dot activity, they can start coloring the image formed, unleashing the full glory of a saber-toothed tiger in its intimidating stance.

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Cute Saber-Toothed Tiger

saber tooth tiger coloring page 08

Our saber-toothed tiger friend is ready to ambush its prey! Join its mission by getting your art tools. You can start by coloring the animal or the field in the background; it’s all up to your style or preference. As you go through the illustration, you’ll be able to relax and unwind while letting your creativity take over the process.

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Saber-Toothed Tiger Coloring Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 09

If you’re looking for a boredom buster, grab a copy of this coloring sheet featuring a walking saber-toothed tiger! The intricate details and sketch-like lines used in this drawing are something to look forward to, especially if you’re into challenging coloring pages. Choose your favorite arts & crafts tool and let the creative process begin!

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Hand Sketch Saber-Toothed Tiger Coloring Sheet

saber tooth tiger coloring page 10

The hand-sketched illustration of the saber-toothed cat on this coloring page will help spark your creativity and unleash your inner artist. How? Grab your coloring utensils and add colors to their intricate details based on how you perceive this extinct mammal. There’s no right or wrong, nor any limit to how you should color this artwork, so allow your imagination to take over and create a masterpiece like no other!

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Printable Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

Coloring is a fun and artistic activity that you can enjoy with your favorite beverage, like your morning coffee! To get started, download this printable coloring page of a saber tooth tiger. Then, prepare your coloring materials, whether they’re old crayons, a new watercolor set, or colored pencils you’ve used before. You can begin with the head of this mammal or on its huge paws: it’s all up to you!

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Diego The Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

It seems like Diego is in a good mood, although it also looks like he has an unpredictable plan in mind! What about printing this coloring sheet to find out? If you’ve enjoyed the Ice Age films, you’ll have fun coloring this image of our saber-toothed tiger protagonist, Diego! Kids and adults are free to get a copy of this printable sheet for themselves.

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Free Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

Be careful not to get caught under this saber tooth tiger’s paws! Warning aside, it’s a relief you’ll get to see this ferocious predator only through images and illustrations like the coloring page we got here. Don’t get intimidated! This saber tooth is harmless, so grab your coloring tools and color its details now.

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HD Printable Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheets

On this beautiful printable coloring page, you’ll see a saber tooth tiger standing on its four paws with a smiling expression. Whether it’s a playful grin or a winsome smile of approval, enjoy filling the details of this adorable creature from head to its claws. Mix up some colors or use different combinations to form a one-of-a-kind artwork!

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Sabre Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

Explore the Pleistocene era with the ambush predator on this coloring page: a saber tooth tiger. During its time, this aggressive animal used its strong forelimbs and necks to attack its prey. Although they’re already extinct, see it come to life by adding colors to its distinct features. Aside from unleashing how it may have looked like in the past, hours of stress-relief and fulfilling self-expression await as you complete this coloring page!

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Saber-tooth Tiger Diego and Ground Sloth Sid

Is Diego threatening to push Sid off the edge? Did Sid provoke Diego? We’ll never know! These two are among the protagonists of the Ice Age movies, and if you’ve watched all films, you’ll love their interactions! Hence, you’ll also have fun coloring Diego, the saber tooth tiger, and Sid, the ground sloth. Don’t waste any time! Download and start the coloring fun.

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Saber Tooth Tiger Lying Down

Sit down and relax as you complete this coloring page using your favorite coloring materials! It features a saber tooth tiger comfortably lying down as if inviting you to a stress-relieving session that will stimulate your imagination. The illustration is beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about specific art skills or experience. All you have to do is have fun!

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Yawning Saber Tooth Tiger

Don’t worry, this saber-tooth tiger opened its jaws to yawn, not to give you a bite! If you’re as sleepy as this prehistoric mammal, grab a copy of this coloring page and feast your eyes on the intricate details displayed. It may look challenging, but don’t let it intimidate you. Your creativity and artistic side will keep you awake as you venture to the self-fulfilling path of completing this page!

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Funny Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Sheet

There’s no need to fear the saber tooth tiger too much because our funny friend came to save the day! Unlike most saber tooth tiger portrayals, this coloring page displays a cute image of our mammal friend sitting down. It’s a one-of-a-kind coloring sheet that will keep your young ones occupied at home or for adults to relieve stress after a tiresome day of work.

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Sabre Tooth Tiger Printable Coloring Sheet

Take a look at this coloring page, featuring a saber-toothed tiger inviting you to fill the illustration with colors! The animal stands on the grass with trees peeking afar. Its elongated bladelike canine teeth are visible, making it easy for anyone to identify it as a saber-tooth tiger. It’s a coloring page with many details to cover, so prepare your favorite coloring medium to reveal fantastic results!

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Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Page Conclusion

Venture back to the Ice Age with a Saber Tooth Tiger coloring page! Our compilation provides a variety of options to choose from, and there’s always something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the fun! Download any coloring page that captures your interest and grab your favorite coloring set to start the coloring process!

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