Griffins have long appeared in arts and literature, often portrayed as frightening creatures that guard great treasures and fight enemies when necessary. This mythical creature has an eagle’s head and wings, a lion’s body, and the tail of a serpent or lion. Although their appearance and how people describe their traits may cause fear for kids, they’re still a prevalent figure in clothes, toys, and coloring pages. The Griffin coloring page is as popular as any other mythical creature artwork, so if you’re looking for one, you’re at the right place!

The Coloring Kingdom provides a compilation of Griffin coloring pages for the mythical creature and coloring fans. Griffins protect treasures, and who knows? You may find one after you finish a coloring page!

Griffin Coloring Book Page

griffin coloring page 01

Animal hybrids like griffins may look terrifying, but when you think about it, they’re powerful and majestic! Hence, there’s nothing to be scared about on this coloring page, featuring a griffin sitting on a tree. It’s waiting to ambush an upcoming enemy, so print and take the time to fill the colors in the illustration!

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Elf and Griffin Coloring Page

griffin coloring page 02

Here’s a coloring page that takes you to the 1750s! A fashionable elf enters the scene, along with a cultured griffin pet. The accessories and magnificent fabric of her dress are something to look forward to on this coloring page. It’s an appealing artwork anyone will enjoy in their leisure time, so grab your pencil, markers, or crayons to start!

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High Detailed Griffin

griffin coloring page 03

An extremely-detailed illustration of a griffin—that’s what this coloring page is all about! It’s an artwork requiring full attention, primarily because various patterns and distinct lines form the image of the griffin. While it may look challenging to color, adults will find it relaxing and fulfilling, especially once they’ve finished the page. If you want to escape the world for a while, give it a try!

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Griffin Illustration for Coloring Book Page

griffin coloring page 04

Kids and adults will have fun with this griffin coloring page! The distinguishing traits of a griffin are apparent in the artwork, starting from its eagle head to its lion tail. The lines are well-defined, making it easy for people of all ages to fill with color. If you’re up for a stress-relieving exercise, this coloring page is good for you!

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Happy Little Griffin Adult Coloring Sheet

griffin coloring page 05

Books, paintings, and films often describe griffins as scary creatures and greedy protectors of gold. Here’s a coloring page that doesn’t conform with those portrayals! As displayed, a little griffin shows happiness on its face. It’s a cute drawing of a mythical creature set on a background with a leafy pattern, made for adults to enjoy as a form of recreation.

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Cute Little Griffin

griffin coloring page 06

Absolute delight and satisfaction—that’s what this illustration guarantees once you complete coloring the whole page! It’s the perfect piece for griffin lovers, especially with the adorable features of the creature illustrated. The background filled with leaves also complements the griffin drawing. With your favorite coloring utensils, the illustration will look even better!

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Cute Griffin Printable Coloring Sheet

griffin coloring page 07

Prepare your watercolor and paintbrush set for something cute and exciting to color! On this coloring page, a brave-looking griffin makes its way towards your heart. The background may look empty but feel free free to use your creativity to customize and add more details to this fantastic image. Fulfilling results await, so get your camera ready for a picture-worthy coloring page!

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Griffin Anti-stress Coloring Book Page

griffin coloring page 08

A winged creature with an eagle’s head and lion’s body takes the center of the stage on this coloring page. The griffins, as described in the previous statement, are animal hybrids popular in art and literature. As for this illustration, different lines make up the griffin’s body. With your markers and coloring pencils, you can let your artistic side flow with each line to form a masterpiece!

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Flying Griffin

griffin coloring page 09

Use your favorite coloring medium to bring this griffin image to life! The flying griffin has its front limbs ready for action, but there’s nothing to be terrified of because it’s an illustration meant for anyone to enjoy. The output works fantastic as a poster you can hang in your room, making it the perfect addition to the coloring pages you’ve completed before.

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Mythological Animal Griffin Coloring Sheet

griffin coloring page 10

Do you have any coloring materials left untouched this year? Well, get those tools working with this coloring sheet! If you’re a mythological animal fan, specifically of griffins, you’d want to get your hands on this coloring page. With plenty of colors to choose from, you’ll be able to create a masterpiece in one sitting!

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Cartoon Fantasy Griffin

Griffins often symbolize courage, strength, and wisdom, and this illustration makes that symbolism accurate. While the griffin looks intimidating, its great stature no doubt displays its outstanding qualities. Although they exist in fantasy stories and myths, you can bring the griffin to life by adding colors to its well-defined details, starting from its wings down to its claws!

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Griffins Coloring Page

If you’re interested in griffins, you’ll love their depiction on this coloring page. It briefly displays what griffins can do, from flying with their eagle wings and ruling over the land with their lion body. The background looks spooky, with the full moon and the dead trees around. It’s an illustration packed with incredible details, and the addition of the colors of your choice will unleash its full potential.

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Funny Cartoon Griffin

Contrary to the popular representation of griffins, this coloring page begs to differ! With its tiny wings, big eagle eyes, and little limbs, this miniature griffin will bring smiles to children of all ages. It may look funny for others, but at least they’ll have fun coloring the details of this mythical creature!

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Beautiful Griffin Coloring Sheet

A lovely griffin welcomes you to this coloring page! With its beaming smile and elegant stance, any coloring enthusiast will have fun coloring the details in this illustration. There’s no limit when it comes to choosing which colors to use, whether it’s brown for the wings or orange for the limbs. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy coloring!

Griffin Coloring Page for all Ages

People often describe griffins as scary and beastly, but this little griffin contradicts these common impressions! Although it’s smaller compared to most griffins, its big heart longs for lots of love and attention. Hence, it’s your time to fill it with affection in the form of colors! Print the digital file, grab your coloring utensils, and expect hours of enjoyment with this winged friend.

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G is for Griffin Coloring Sheet

Here’s a pretty awesome coloring page that caters to griffin lovers and mythical creature enthusiasts. Standing proud is a griffin, flaunting its firm stance and unique build. Aside from the griffin, this coloring page in digital format displays a statement that says, “G IS FOR GRIFFIN.” It’s an epic illustration providing hours of stress-relief and fun for any griffin fans, and non-fans too!

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Gryphon Carousel Printable Coloring Page

Are you looking for an activity to do while sipping your cup of tea in the morning? It’s never too early to start coloring this printable illustration of a griffin (or Gryphon)! The image of this majestic and powerful creature displays a considerable amount of difficulty for adults to enjoy, especially if you’re someone who’s always up for a challenge. Use your preferred coloring materials and start the day right!

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Monster Griffin Coloring Sheet

Do you need something to keep your kids occupied for a while? Put their mobile devices away and grab this coloring page instead! It features a creature with an eagle’s head and wings and a lion’s body, popularly known as a griffin. The image’s details are not too simple or overly detailed, so kids will love to color them with their crayons, pastels, or markers.

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Griffon Coloring Page

It seems like this griffin is on its attack mode! Regardless of what’s happening in this image, kids and adults will enjoy this coloring page. Aside from providing a way to relax and unwind, this illustration improves focus, stimulates creativity, and unleashes anyone’s artistic side. You’ll find it fulfilling to see how good you are in bringing this griffin to life!

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Scary Griffin

It’s a good thing that this scary griffin only appears on this coloring page! Otherwise, it’ll be terrifying to encounter one in real life! Grab the opportunity to color this motionless griffin with your favorite coloring utensils. You can start with its claws, limbs, and wings, or get bold and begin with its eagle head!

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Griffin Coloring Page Conclusion

A mystical journey to the griffin’s lair awaits with a Griffin coloring page! Our collection offers a wide range of choices to pick from, whether it’s for you or someone else. Don’t hesitate to take one or two from the selection provided, as each one has its specific charm. Hit the download button to get started!

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