From Snow White to Moana, it’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one Disney princess, especially as a child. The vivid animation, compelling plotline, and unique character personality make these fictional characters looked up to by many kids, including adults. If you’re a Disney fan, you’re most likely aware of the film “Raya and the Last Dragon.” The movie made quite a buzz for various reasons, such as drawing inspiration from diverse Southeast Asian countries, omitting a romantic interest, and highlighting the strength of the female characters. Aside from taking a step forward in terms of representation and expressing the diversity of the world, “Raya and the Last Dragon” also emphasized the meaning of trusting others and overcoming prejudice to find mutual understanding or agreement. No doubt, such a successful and meaningful movie will become the root of the existence of these Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages!

A collection of Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages are waiting for your hands to color its details! Scroll over, pick a favorite, and watch as a mystical journey unfolds through the coloring process.

Dragon Sisu and Raya Coloring Pages

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 01

Raya and Dragon Sisu join forces in a riveting battle; that’s what this coloring page shows! She gets in position with a whip sword, and Dragon Sisu oozes confidence as they go in attack mode. What a compelling coloring page! If you’re wondering what happens next or who’s going to win, let your imagination decide as you color each detail in this scene.

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Cool Raya

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 02

The details on this coloring page scream coolness! It’s as if Raya personified the term “cool!” Once colored, this image will look like a poster worth hanging on your wall or fridge. Even kids will delight in filling this coloring page with their preferred color combinations. Print as many copies as you can to fully experience its charm!

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The Ongis and Little Noi

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 03

Thieving and mischief, that’s what these three Ongis and Little Noi will give you once you encounter them on the floating market region of Talon. Good for you because you’ll meet them through this coloring page! If you’re confused, the Ongis in this illustration are the half-monkey, half-catfish creatures who raised and protected the toddler in the coloring page, Noi, when she lost her family. What a unique group for you to color!

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Awesome Raya Coloring Page

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 04

Straightforward and striking, if asked to provide two words to describe this coloring page, these two fit the criteria. The combinations of lines and shapes make the whole coloring page compelling, captivating Raya’s charms. Moreover, the well-defined lines make it easy for all ages to color each detail. Get a copy of this illustration to unleash its beauty even more!

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Dragon Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 05

There’s something about dragons that makes them fantastic and legendary! Take Dragon Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon as an example! As depicted on this coloring page, Dragon Sisu is a spindly-looking dragon, radiating coolness from its head to its tail. Having a copy of this coloring page will make you feel like you have a dragon for yourself!

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Happy Sisu

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 06

Sisu’s happiness on this coloring page is contagious, and we can only fill this illustration with colors as a reply! Although media forms often depict dragons as scary creatures, Dragon Sisu begs to differ. Enjoy hours of coloring fun with Sisu by grabbing a copy of this illustration for yourself or sharing it with a friend!

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Little Tuk Tuk from Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 07

Who can’t resist Tuk Tuk’s cuteness on this coloring page? If you’re not familiar with Tuk Tuk, it’s Raya’s hybrid pet with the ability to roll into a ball. It’s a pillbug, armadillo, and pug hybrid, an adorable creature loved by many viewers and fans. Although Tuk Tuk does not exist in the real world, you can have one for yourself, at least through this coloring page!

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Raya and Little Tuk Tuk

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 08

Doesn’t Raya and Little Tuk Tuk look adorable on this coloring page? The way their hands’ touch makes us want to have a fantasy armadillo-like pet for ourselves! Get a copy of this illustration and unleash its full potential by using your favorite coloring materials. Use your creativity to mix and match colors and make Raya and Little Tuk Tuk’s bond look at its best!

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Namaari and Virana from Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 09

An argument or a misunderstanding, it’s impossible to decipher the scene happening on this coloring page. As depicted in the illustration, Namaari’s eyes and gestures seem to want to prove or explain a point. Virana, on the other hand, tries to understand what she means. Why not try to imagine what they’re talking about while coloring this illustration?

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Raya and Noi

raya and the last dragon coloring pages 10

For many people, seeing and holding a baby brings nothing but joy. However, it seems like Raya sensed something off about little Noi on this coloring page! We can’t blame her! Although Noi looks cute and has an irresistible charm, she’s mischievous, using her appearance to her advantage when conning people. Before Noi fools, you too, complete this coloring page and shake your admiration off for a moment!

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Tong from Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

As a film inspired by diverse cultures, Raya and the Last Dragon surely knows how to utilize its characters throughout the movie. For example, take a look at Tong on this coloring page! A formidable giant with a soft side, his part as a supporting character added flavor to the film. Although he looks intimidating, you don’t have to worry about coloring his image on this coloring page!

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Pan from Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages

Despite having the most significant strength among the three Ongis, Pan possesses a laid-back and chill disposition! Looking at the illustration, Pan looks like a creature many people would love to have as a companion. The miniature hat that sits atop his head adds charm to his form, and we can’t blame anyone for wanting to have a copy of this coloring page!

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Sisu the Last Water Dragon Coloring Page

If you’re wondering who’s the “Last Dragon” in the film Raya and the Last Dragon, it’s time for you to know it’s Sisu! This water dragon endured as the last survivor and ventured on a quest with Raya to vanquish the plague-like Druun and save humankind. Hence, the film title! To celebrate Sisu’s contribution as the last water dragon, focus your attention on this coloring page, showing her physical appearance!

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Raya Talks to Sisu on the Rock

One can only imagine the fascination felt by Sisu and Raya when they finally met each other. This coloring page gives us a preview of their encounter! Sisu, with her fun-loving personality, smiles widely at Raya’s amusement. Their unique friendship brings us delight, and thanks to this coloring page, you’ll get a chance to be part of that companionship. Color it now!

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Beautiful Princess Raya

Headstrong, wise, and capable: these are among the many fascinating traits possessed by Raya that make her more stunning than she already is. Come and see this coloring page to appreciate her beauty! She’s one of the many fictional characters who embodied the phrase “beautiful inside out,” and the truthfulness of this statement is undeniable when applied to Raya. Add colors to this black and white illustration, and watch yourself admiring Raya even more!

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Raya and her Father

Aside from Raya’s courageousness and undeniable willpower, his father, Chief Benja, also became a pillar to her, preparing her for the upcoming adventure she was about to take. As seen on this coloring page, Chief Benja walks with Raya, possibly teaching her some skills. This coloring page offers more than just a glimpse of Raya and his father’s relationship: it’s a fantastic coloring page you’ll enjoy coloring any time of the day!

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Raya, Sisu and Kid Captain

Nothing beats the power held by a group of strong-willed individuals and their uniqueness, also known as Raya and her troops! This coloring page captures the different traits of the characters in the Raya and the Last Dragon film, starting from Raya to Sisu to Kid Captain. The illustration looks like a poster, so feel free to hang or display your colored output once finished!

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Raya Rides Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk was small when he was younger, but there’s always room for growth for a hybrid like him! This coloring page proves that point! Aside from being Raya’s adorable pet, Tuk Tuk can also provide transportation by rolling into a ball. His physical growth also allowed Raya to ride Tuk Tuk! That’s some helpful pet! Grab a copy of this coloring page, and see the wonders brought to you by this fantastic duo.

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Raya and Her Mother

Elegance and beauty: that’s what this coloring page is all about. It features Raya and perhaps her mother, who looks at her with great pride and admiration. Such a look will come out of you once you finish coloring this illustration! There’s plenty of room for you to admire your work and determination to complete this page, so go ahead and start the coloring process.

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Namaari Princess and Her Pet

Namaari and her pet stand fiercely on this coloring page! Whether they’re preparing for an ambush or getting ready for a battle, it’s safe to say that they’re the duo you wouldn’t want to encounter by any chance. Don’t worry! They won’t attack you for filling in the details of this coloring page with the colors you prefer. Who knows, they might even like the output of your hard work!

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Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages Conclusion

Travel into a fantasy world through these Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages! Whether you’re a fan of Raya, other Disney princesses, or Disney in general, you’ll find pleasure in coloring the illustrations in this compilation. Don’t hesitate to download anything that captures your interest, may that be two coloring pages or more!

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