The Marvel Universe holds some of the finest heroes the fictional world has. Pumped with compelling backstories and plotlines, people of all ages get drawn to these characters, whether they star a film or act as a support. For example, who doesn’t know Wolverine? Aside from X-Men, the time Wolverine spent with the avengers, his movie, and standalone comics exposed him to the public, giving him a boost in popularity. Despite his brutal methods, self-loathing tendencies, and mutant brawler ways, he remains one of the favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, his tragic backstory and range of experience contributed to why people call themselves Wolverine fans. To celebrate Wolverine’s existence in the Marvel Universe, here is Wolverine Coloring Pages that you can get your claws on!

Our collection of Wolverine Coloring Pages here at the Coloring Kingdom will ignite your love for Wolverine! Keep your eyes open for anything that captures your interest, and hit the download button once you’re ready to start coloring your mutant hero.

Wolverine from Avengers

wolverine coloring pages 01

Claws up! If you’re searching for a coloring page that can double up as a poster, you came to the right place. This Wolverine coloring page captures your favorite mutant from Avengers, complete with his suit and claws out for battle. Grab your coloring utensils and find delight in filling the spaces of this illustration with the colors you like.

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Avengers Wolverine Coloring Pages

wolverine coloring pages 02

Superhero films, series, and comics aren’t complete without action scenes. Coloring pages are no different! For example, this coloring page features Wolverine in a battle scene. Fierce and eager to conquer, that’s what Wolverine’s face shows in this illustration. Use your creativity to make this action-packed coloring page even better!

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Wolverine Coloring Page

wolverine coloring pages 03

Do you know any little Wolverine fan or enthusiast? If so, this coloring page will give them joy! It features their favorite mutant superhero, Wolverine, taking a step forward as if ready to attack an enemy. Your little Wolverine fan will love this coloring page, and don’t miss out on the fun! Join and share the enjoyment brought to you by coloring this illustration.

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Lego Super Heroes Wolverine

wolverine coloring pages 04

Like most superhero characters, Wolverine has a lego figure too! Check it out on this coloring page! It’s an incredible illustration that kids of all ages will enjoy coloring since its details are easy-to-color, whatever tool they choose to use. Grab a copy for a Wolverine fan or even for yourself; if you have nothing left to do for the day.

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Deadpool and Wolverine

wolverine coloring pages 05

An epic crossover, that’s what this coloring page is all about! It features Deadpool and Wolverine, two heroes with different personalities. Wolverine looks fierce and angry, while Deadpool stands behind him, a smile shown through his eyes. If you’re a fan of both of them, this coloring page is what you need! Grab a copy now and print as many as you want.

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Domino, Cable, Deadpool, and Wolverine

wolverine coloring pages 06

Domino, Cable, and Deadpool join Wolverine on this coloring page. The quartet oozes coolness, a unique combination that screams “undefeatable.” If you’d like to have a spot in the group, take part in adding colors to this coloring page! That’s a unique role, but it’s valuable in upgrading the charisma of this team.

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Deadpool Vs Wolverine Coloring Pages

wolverine coloring pages 07

Here’s a coloring page that looks like it came straight out of a comic book! It portrays an action scene where Deadpool kicks Wolverine on his face. A powerful kick, that’s for sure! Grab ahold of this coloring page by clicking on the download button, and fill in the details with the colors you prefer.

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Wolverine Standing

wolverine coloring pages 08

Wolverine stands with confidence on this coloring page. The intense look on his face tells so much about his personality as a hero: eager to fight using his brute force to give the evildoers what they deserve. Come and get a copy of this coloring page to remind yourself of Wolverine’s coolness!

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Wolverine Fighting

Angry Wolverine

Wolverine with Claws

What makes Wolverine unique from other superheroes? His claws! As shown in this coloring page, Wolverine’s claws extend to a length that’s long enough to hurt or kill someone. Wolverine may possess sharp claws, but you have your coloring tools! Don’t underestimate its potential. A color combination you can get from mixing and matching colors can bring the best out of this coloring page!

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Wolverine Running

Run as fast as you can, Wolverine! The eagerness on his face is evident, and his claws are ready to attack. It’s impossible to figure out why Wolverine is running, but at least you get to see his pace on this coloring page! Once finished, you have the option to hang or display your output wherever you want, so take your time in turning this illustration into a masterpiece.

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Wolverine Looks Angry

Enjoy your favorite cup of tea as you complete this Wolverine coloring page! Although this mutant hero looks furious, it’s a coloring page oozing with fine details and excellence. From Wolverine’s hair to his razor-sharp claws, the well-defined points in this illustration will make you want to ease his anger. Print a copy or two of this coloring page, and let your eyes admire your result!

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Strong Wolverine Coloring Page

When talking about force and strength, it’s impossible not to mention Wolverine. Even without his claws, his stance and physique, as displayed on this coloring page, show how strong he is. Hence, it’s understandable why many kids want to cosplay Wolverine! For now, have fun coloring this illustration, experimenting with color combinations to make Wolverine look stronger and fiercer.

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Wolverine from X Men Coloring Page

Although Wolverine became a member of many Marvel teams, he spent most of his time with the X-Men. There isn’t much difference in his appearance whenever he joins another team, but if you’d like to see his form on X-Men, you’ll find good use of this coloring page! Add the colors based on your preference, and watch Wolverine come to life.

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Wolverine is Very Angry

Anger can make people do things they will regret later on. If you’d like to divert your anger into something productive, this coloring page got you covered! Wolverine looks furious in this illustration and most likely will use his brutal method to release his anger. However, this coloring page will help you unleash your rage in an activity that’s stress-relieving. Print a copy for yourself to calm your senses before you do something you’ll regret.

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Amazing Wolverine Coloring Page

Get your crayons, markers, or pens ready while downloading this coloring page! It features the Amazing Wolverine with his complete outfit and claws out for a fight. A fist bump from Wolverine may hurt you to an extent, so use your energy to color this illustration instead. Feel free to share the fun with a family member or friend!

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Superhero Wolverine

Your favorite mutant superhero, Wolverine, is here on this coloring page! His intimidating stare may chill you to the bones but don’t worry! Wolverine won’t attack you unless you provoke him through your actions or words. Nevertheless, enjoy the joy you’ll feel as you complete this illustration with the colors you like!

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Chibi Wolverine

Chibi Wolverine tries to look threatening on this coloring page. However, he turned into an adorable being! Be careful! The spikes on her hand are his claws, strong enough to leave a painful scratch. In defense, why not use your coloring tools to color Chibi Wolverine? Who knows, he might love your color choice and become your friend!

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Coloring pages are not limited to kids of all ages. There are coloring pages for adults to enjoy! Take this fantastic Wolverine coloring page! The details in this illustration are not too simple nor too complicated for adults to enjoy whenever they’re free. Download a copy of this coloring page and have fun relaxing and unwinding as you complete the image.

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Wolverine Coloring Pages Conclusion

Get your claws ready for hours of coloring fun with our Wolverine Coloring Pages! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Wolverine fan or not, as these illustrations will keep you hooked for a while. Grab your favorite coloring materials and start the process to unfold the wonders of coloring a hero from the Marvel Universe!

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