When talking about video games, it’s nearly impossible not to mention the Mario series. It’s the best-selling video game franchise of all time, with the Super Mario Bros. becoming its most successful game. Of course, the game wouldn’t find success without its characters. Most of the video games in the franchise used Mario, the plumber with a red shirt and blue overalls with yellow buttons, as the main character. However, the popularity of Luigi, his brother in green, isn’t far behind. Whether he’s a playable character or an NPC, his unique yet relatable character captured the attention of many. Luigi gained fans loving him for his personality, sense of humor, dependability, and even for his mustache! Although he’s mostly a sidekick, he managed to earn a name for himself. If you’re a Luigi fan, these Luigi Coloring Pages will make you want to help him in his adventures!

The Coloring Kingdom provides a range of Luigi Coloring Pages that you’ll enjoy whenever you’re free! Scroll over the entire collection, and once you’ve got an illustration that catches your attention, head over to the download button to start your adventure with Luigi!

Tremendous Luigi Coloring Page

luigi coloring pages 01

If you’re looking for a coloring page that will look great as a poster, you came to the right place. This tremendous Luigi coloring page offers a lot of coverage for Luigi fans or enjoyers to fill with colors. The determination in the eyes of Luigi will keep you fueled through the process, so before you get distracted by another activity, download this coloring page now!

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Luigi’s Mansion Coloring Pages

luigi coloring pages 02

Have you ever played the action-adventure video game named Luigi’s Mansion? If so, this coloring page will bring back some memories! As the game title implies, Luigi’s mansion is a video game where Luigi is the main character instead of his brother, Mario. That’s similar to how Luigi is the protagonist in this illustration! If you had fun finishing the game, then you’ll feel the same way as you complete this coloring page.

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Jumping Luigi

luigi coloring pages 03

Aside from Luigi’s appearance and range of emotions, fans noticed that he jumps higher than Mario. Hence, the existence of this coloring page! To celebrate his excellent jumping skills, complete this illustration with the outcome you envision to see. Luigi usually wears green-themed clothing, but feel free to maximize your creativity by using a different color combination, making this a unique Luigi coloring page.

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Luigi Looking for Something

luigi coloring pages 04

Did Luigi find something interesting? Or was he looking for something else? It’s up to your imagination to figure out what’s happening on this coloring page. Imagine the event taking place while filling this black and white image with colors, making sure to complete the illustration and not leaving any detail uncolored.

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Baby Luigi Coloring Page

luigi coloring pages 05

Like everyone else, Luigi was also a clueless baby, unaware of the events taking place in his surroundings. However, doesn’t he look adorable on this coloring page? Bond with his mini version by filling in the colors of this illustration! You can follow any online source to follow how Luigi looks or experiment with new combinations to recreate your version of Luigi.

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Easy Luigi

luigi coloring pages 06

Are you looking for a coloring page that’s easy-to-color, regardless of age or skills? This Luigi illustration is what you need! The well-defined details make it easy for kids to keep their colors within the lines but still fun for adults to complete during their leisure time. Download and print as many as you want, and share the fun with your friends or coloring buddies!

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Little Luigi

luigi coloring pages 07

Little Luigi waves his greetings to you on this coloring page! The thick lines emphasized Luigi’s mini version clearly, his features mirroring his looks, only downsized. Use your crayons, markers, or watercolor paint to fill in the spaces of this illustration, even adding a background that will complement the whole image. Let your creativity guide your hands into welcoming this adorable friend!

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Happy Luigi

Find happiness and delight as you fill this coloring page! Instead of being Mario’s sidekick, this illustration allows Luigi to become the star of his show. Just as how his stature displays his satisfaction and joy, you’ll achieve the same feelings once you finish this coloring page. Download it now!

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Luigi Jumping

luigi coloring pages 09

Stay safe, Luigi! You wouldn’t want to step on anything likely to cause harm or injury! Before Luigi injures himself or lands on something harmful, try to visualize the path Luigi’s jumping on this coloring page. While coloring the illustration, imagine him landing safely on the ground and reaching his destination unharmed.

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Luigi Playing a Ball

luigi coloring pages 10

Do you enjoy playing ball with your peers, family, or classmates? If you do, this coloring page will make you want to go out and bond with them! It features Luigi holding a ball in his hands, ready to throw it on anyone willing to catch it. Fun and smiles, that’s what this coloring page guarantees!

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Luigi Playing Golf

Serious and focused, that’s what Luigi’s face depicts on this coloring page! It’s understandable why, as golf requires concentration for him to play as few strokes per round as possible. Color the details in these coloring pages while Luigi is preparing to hit the golf ball with his club. Feel free to add a background if you’d like to, maximizing the opportunities for you to showcase your creativity.

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Luigi Spread Arms

What could be the reason for Luigi’s actions on this coloring page? It looks like he’s spreading his arms, either to reach something, to balance his weight, or to stop someone from passing through. While it’s almost impossible to guess why he’s doing such, all you can do for now is color this illustration! Who knows, you may start to imagine what’s happening while you’re in the coloring process.

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Luigi with Equipment

A vacuum cleaner called Poltergust 3000 was Luigi’s primary weapon in Luigi’s Mansion. He used this equipment to hunt down ghosts, capturing or shooting them out. If you’re curious to see how he looks like with a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner, this coloring page is what you need! It provides a clear depiction of Luigi and his equipment, and with your coloring tools, you’ll be able to fill this image with the colors you prefer.

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Running Luigi Coloring Page

While most of us find exhaustion after a long run, Luigi looks blissful on this coloring page, with no hint of weariness at all! He’s even waving his greetings, a smile coming from his face. You don’t need to run to experience the same happiness, as coloring this page will bring you bliss and satisfaction once finished. It’s a fulfilling activity with many benefits and an output you can display afterward!

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Simple Luigi

Simple and direct to the point: these words defined this coloring page correctly. It’s easy to decipher what this illustration depicts, with well-defined lines and details completing Luigi’s appearance. Yes, that’s Luigi! If you’re a fan of this character, you’ll enjoy every second spent coloring this image. Download it now to get started!

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Smiling Luigi

Relax, unwind, and find yourself smiling as you color this coloring page! It features Luigi standing with his hands on his waist, a smile hidden on his mustache. It’s a coloring page you can share with your friends or family members or print as many as you can to experiment with color combinations.

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Thin Luigi Coloring Page

Compared to Mario, Luigi appears taller and thinner and wearing green clothing. This coloring page captures that description! However, it’s a black and white illustration that requires colors. That’s when you come into the picture! Grab your coloring materials and fill in Luigi’s image, referring to any online source or relying on your creativity.

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Luigi with Mario

High five! Isn’t it refreshing to see Mario and Luigi together on this coloring page? While Luigi is mostly a sidekick or supporting character, it’s a sight to behold to see these two become the star of the show in this illustration. While you’re at it, print a copy of this coloring page and breathe life into these brothers, considering their respective colors in the process.

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Lego Fire Luigi

Here’s a lego version of Luigi with a fiery arm! Like most coloring pages, you’ll enjoy finishing this illustration with your preferred color choices. The flower looks perfect with a unique color combination and Luigi with a green outfit. Let the budding artist in you unleash the coolness of this coloring page!

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Luigi Teasing Mario Coloring Page

Similar to most sibling relationships, Luigi finds joy in teasing Mario, possibly for his height. He’s taller than his brother in red, which explains the way he teases him on this coloring page. You’ll also find joy in completing this illustration, even adding a background to liven up the atmosphere.

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Luigi Coloring Pages Conclusion

Venture into a different kind of adventure with our compilation of Luigi Coloring Pages! You’ll find delight in having and completing a coloring page alone or with a friend. There’s always something for everyone, whether you’re a fan or not. Go ahead! Pick a favorite, or download everything from our selection to enjoy hours of coloring fun with Luigi!

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