Aside from the yellow mouse-like Pikachu, Pokemon fans are most likely familiar with Charizard. Charizard’s design appeals towards kids and adults too, and many of its aspects make it the most sought-after Pokemon. For example, Charizard is fascinatingly powerful, has two types of evolution, and makes a good fighter in battles. The Pokemon also looks like a dragon, can breathe out fire, has wings, and can fly; a gigantic Pokemon that’s indomitable yet dependable too. Therefore, it’s natural to think that Charizard holds a space in the hearts of Millenials and Pokemon fans of all ages. Furthermore, because of its undeniable impact, many items drew inspiration from this indomitable Pokemon, such as a Charizard Coloring Page.

The Coloring Kingdom presents a remarkable collection of Charizard Coloring Page! Each part of this compilation is unique on its own, and you’ll enjoy bringing your favorite Pokemon, Charizard, to life using your preferred coloring tools.

Pokemon Charizard Coloring Page

charizard coloring page 01

Fiery and fierce, that’s how this Charizard looks on this coloring page! While their appearance can appear intimidating, they’re dependable in rival battles, as depicted in different Pokemon series and films. Don’t worry! As long as you color this illustration carefully, paying attention to detail, this Charizard will leave no harm.

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Gigantamax Charizard

charizard coloring page 02

If the red-orange Charizard is already powerful, the Gigantamax Charizard will amuse you even more! It’s a very rare Pokemon that’s enormous and physically fit, just like how this coloring page displays it. From its abilities to its appearance, many people find this Pokemon fascinating, making them want to own one for themselves. If you’re one of them, why not start by coloring this illustration first?

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Charizard Pokemon Coloring Page

charizard coloring page 03

The Charizard in this coloring page seems to find amusement in watching the flame from its tail. It’s understandable, considering how the Pokemon doesn’t feel burnt at all! To bring life to this scene, get your creative hands working! Grab your art supplies, then add shades of red, orange, or yellow to reveal the hidden beauty of this coloring page.

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Mega Charizard X

charizard coloring page 04

Terrifying as it seems, this Pokemon means no harm unless provoked! What Pokemon is it? It’s a Mega Charizard X! This coloring page presents one of Charizard’s two Mega forms. It’s the one that breathes blue flames, a skin that turned black with sky-blue underside and soles. It’s easy to follow its respective colors through an online source. However, it’s also nice to rely on your creativity and imagination.

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Mega Charizard X Pokemon

charizard coloring page 05

It looks like the Mega Charizard X portrayed on this coloring page is ready to battle! Prepare your coloring tools for an art fight! Rather than choosing violence, go ahead, grab your arts & crafts tools to fill the details of this coloring page with colors. Shades of black and blue will come in handy, but feel free to choose a combination that suits your preference.

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Pokemon Mega Charizard

charizard coloring page 06

Imagine this Charizard standing in front of you, its roar resonating across the place. What a mind-blowing scene! It’s a good thing such Pokemon only exists in a fictional world. Otherwise, we’ll find it frightening to even step out of our houses! This coloring page also brings the Charizard in front of you. However, there’s nothing to worry about, except for the choice of colors you’ll use.

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Great Charizard Pokemon

charizard coloring page 07

Packed with abilities and outstanding appearance, the Charizard in this coloring page has enough features to stand confidently. For Pokemon trainers and collectors, owning one will bring delight like no other. Good for you, this coloring page will make you feel like you own a Charizard! Just complete it with its respective colors, and get ready to display your masterpiece once finished!

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Lizardon Charizard Coloring Page

charizard coloring page 08

Would it surprise you to learn that the Charizard on this coloring page is not a dragon? Despite its dragon-like appearance, the mentioned Pokemon is a giant lizard in the Pokemon world. The wings are an added characteristic, including its fire-breathing ability. Instead of contemplating why it should become a dragon, let your mind drift towards this coloring page to bring this Lizardon Charizard to life!

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Charizard Flying Attack

charizard coloring page 09

Flying midair in this coloring page is a Charizard prepared for battle! When in its attack mode, the power from its wings can become a mighty strike. That’s what you can expect from a Charizard! Let your imagination take over and think of this Charizard’s performance in a battle. Of course, it’s equally important to grab your coloring tools to start the process!

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Flying Charizard

charizard coloring page 10

Happy and carefree, these two words accurately describe the feeling depicted on this coloring page! If given the ability to fly, we would feel the same way as this Charizard! With its wings, it has the liberty to go wherever it wants. You too have the freedom you can enjoy! Although it might not be the ability to go to places every time you want, you are free to download and fill this coloring page with whatever color you want.

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Mega Charizard Dot to Dot Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are versatile enough to accompany other activities such as connecting the dots. For example, to see the Mega Charizard in its full glory, it’s necessary to connect the dots according to its respective numbers! It’s an excellent practice for kids starting to learn their numbers, especially if they’re Pokemon fans.

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Charizard with Venusaur and Blastoise

Avid Pokemon fans will recognize this trio! Yes, that’s Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise, the Pokemon starters! It’s time for you to color each Pokemon, using an online source as a guide or by relying on your memory. Doesn’t filling this illustration with color bring you back some childhood memories? Indeed, nostalgic!

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Charizard Mega Evolution Coloring Page

Expect a heated battle with this Mega Charizard once it is infuriated! However, for now, chill and relax while coloring this illustration. Don’t let this Pokemon intimidate you from using a different color combination aside from the classic red-orange scheme. This coloring page is accessible with a hit on the download button, so don’t hesitate to click it right away!

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Charizard Fire Breath

Among Charizard’s fire-type moves is the classic Flamethrower. If you’re curious to see how he performs this damage-dealing move, check out this coloring page! It’s an illustration living to Charizard’s skill, throwing or breathing fire that inflicts a burn to its enemy. Complete this image with colors to make Charizard’s move look fierier!

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Mega Charizard X Pokemon

Obtaining the Mega Charizard X brings a different kind of delight, especially for Charizard fans. Although it’s impossible to meet a real-life Mega Charizard X nor own one, this coloring page can still bring joy! How? Since it’s in black and white, you’ll find it fulfilling to see it come to life by adding its respective color! Hurry, grab your coloring tools now!

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Chibi Charizard Coloring Page

Roar! Did this little Charizard scare you? If you’re used to Charizard’s immense build, this chibi Charizard will change your perspective! Adorably but feisty, these two words depict its features. Use your favorite coloring utensils to make this chibi Charizard look lively and burning with passion, similar to its large version!

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Charizard Lizardon Coloring Page

Here’s a thumbs up from Charizard, approving the moment you thought of getting this coloring page! This Charizard holds a smile on its face, waiting for you to color this illustration. Grab your arts and crafts supplies for hours of coloring fun, which you can also share with your family or friends.

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Charizard Frying with His Flaming Tail

Are you up for a silly coloring page? Here you go! What’s funnier than a Charizard frying with its flaming tail? Ridiculous as it seems, its tail comes in handy whenever it is hungry! Before you get immersed with so much laughing, consider filling this illustration with colors. Imagine what happens next in this scene when you finish completing the image!

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Charizard Sitting Down

Other than its fierce battle stance and flight mode, you can also see a Charizard sitting down comfortably, the same as depicted in this coloring page. Take the chance to color this illustration using your crayons, markers, or pastels! Sit down and relax like this Charizard, and find yourself comfortably completing this image.

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Cute Little Charizard Coloring Page

This adorable Charizard has a different kind of charm! Although it looks fierce and intimidating, its cuteness will warm your heart! Consider getting a copy of this coloring page for yourself. Not only will you have fun coloring this little Charizard, but the budding artist in you will also flourish. Who knows, you might find yourself wanting more Charizard coloring pages to color!

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Charizard Coloring Page Conclusion

Get ready for a Pokemon battle by coloring any Charizard Coloring Page from our collection! Our selection offers a variety of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a beloved one. Pick a favorite, then hit the download button to get started, and prepare yourself for hours of coloring fun with the ever-so-cool Charizard!

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