Cocomelon left a huge impact and continues to strive as a family favorite that infants, toddlers, and even older kids like to watch. The Netflix show and YouTube channel grew popular because of its colorful animation, catchy nursery rhymes, and flow. It provides a multi-sensory experience, an engaging approach that keeps the young children entertained for half an hour or more, depending on how many videos they watch. The flashy visuals, repetitive music that can get stuck in your head for days, and everyday lessons work well together. Hence, Cocomelon became a good distraction for the kids as parents relax or perform their tasks. Educational and entertaining, that’s what simply defines Cocomelon! However, its influence doesn’t end there. Cocomelon coloring pages also provide an equal benefit as the show, an excellent item for parents to utilize too.

The Coloring Kingdom does not fall short in delivering Cocomelon coloring pages! Our collection below gives you just what you need: coloring pages that the family can enjoy whenever they’re free!

Pack Cocomelon Coloring pages

cocomelon coloring pages 01

Hours of coloring fun, that’s what these coloring pages guarantee for young children and even the rest of the family! With 11 worksheets to cover, the whole family can sing their favorite nursery rhymes as the kids color each illustration. Doing so will provide a great bonding experience, but feel free to use these coloring pages at parties too.

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Printable Cocomelon Coloring Pages

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If your kid loves Cocomelon, these coloring pages will bring delight to their faces! It includes detailed illustrations of the Cocomelon family, waiting for their small hands to fill them with the color combinations they picked. Parents or teachers can show off the finished artwork by hanging them on the fridge or wall. Hence, becoming an eye-catching display reminding them of the kid’s creativity and hard work!

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CocoMelon at the Beach

cocomelon coloring pages 03

When was the last time you or your family went to the beach? Had it been days or months ago, you’ll still enjoy this coloring page featuring Cocomelon at the beach! This black and white illustration will become a colorful art once filled with colors. Getting this coloring page is an incredible opportunity to stimulate your kid’s creativity and improve their handgrip, so click the download button today.

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Cocomelon with Friends

cocomelon coloring pages 04

Coloring is fun when done with friends! If your kid’s friends drop by to pay a visit, why not give them this coloring page for them to enjoy? It’s a plus if they love watching Cocomelon as they’ll recognize the faces in this illustration! You can print as many copies as you want, giving your kid and their friends more chances to display their artistic side.

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CoComelon and a Puppy

cocomelon coloring pages 05

Our animal pals never fail to make us happy. There’s just something about them that makes them so lovable! The kid on this Cocomelon coloring page understands that! This set offers illustrations featuring animals such as a puppy, a dolphin, and more. These coloring pages work great for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids, especially if they love Cocomelon!

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Cocomelon and Baby Shark Coloring Page

cocomelon coloring pages 06

Who knew Cocomelon and Baby Shark would have a collaboration? Well, this unexpected duo takes over the spotlight on this coloring page! It would be fun to color each detail in this worksheet while singing the Baby Shark song or any nursery rhyme you’ve heard in any Cocomelon videos. That means double the fun!

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Cocomelon Cece

cocomelon coloring pages 07

Here’s Cece, one of J.J.’s friends on the Cocomelon show. Isn’t she so adorable? This girl has black hair, brown eyes, often with pink clothing, and finding a great source online will help you and your kid color her accurately. However, it’s still up to you or your child to pick the color combination to use, so feel free to mix and match different colors to bring cute little Cece to life!

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Cocomelon Little Johnny

cocomelon coloring pages 08

Little Johnny and his best friend Cody crossed the finish line together on this coloring page! What a heartwarming sight to behold! If you love these two best friends, you’ll also love taking part in coloring this illustration. Cocomelon fans will find it easy to color each detail from memory, but feel free to create your color combinations to make this illustration your own.

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Cocomelon Logo Coloring Page

cocomelon coloring pages 09

What does your mind think of once you see this logo? Yes, that’s right! It’s the Cocomelon logo! With this coloring page, you have the chance to color this logo and add your flair to make it even better. If your kid loves Cocomelon, this coloring page can make a great bonding experience that you or the whole family can share.

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Johnny and Friends

cocomelon coloring pages 10

The amusement brought by Cocomelon doesn’t end when the screen goes off. Kids and adults can still meet Johnny and his friends on this coloring page! This detailed illustration brings Johnny to the center, with his friends busy at the back. Imagine the scenario happening while you color this worksheet, even singing your favorite nursery rhymes in the process!

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Cocomelon Jay and TomTom

Tomtom, the older member of the family, sits beside J.J., the youngest, on this coloring page! Both kids stare at something above them, probably something wonderful or amusing. If you’re a Cocomelon fan, you’ll no doubt recognize this duo. Hence, you’ll have fun coloring their outfits based on what you remember. Still, it’s up to you to color the whole image depending on your color choice!

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Like most of us, this Cocomelon kid enjoys listening to music. Since the characters in the show often sang nursery rhymes, it’s natural to think that the music coming from the headphones is a nursery rhyme too! Therefore, you’ll have fun coloring this page while singing your favorite song and even get yourself some headphones to jam along with your personalized playlist!

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JJ Wearing Mask

Wearing a mask protects and limits the spread of viruses, and that’s what J.J. aims to say through this coloring page! These days, some face masks incorporate various designs, ranging from floral embellishments to silly faces. For those with a face mask design in mind, try adding it to the mask J.J. wears! You may also print this coloring page as many as you want to try new looks and color combinations!

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Are you ready to tuck your kid into bed? Or did they refuse to sleep early? If you’re having a tough time having them sleep, this coloring page can come in handy! It features baby Jay ready to sleep as if encouraging your kid to do the same. The activity may cause them to become sleepy, so get their blanket and pillows ready once they find themselves sleeping amidst coloring this page!

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An adventure awaits Baby Jay as he stands with confidence on this coloring page! It’s a large, detailed illustration with well-defined lines, perfect for practicing your child’s coloring skills. It also provides parents with an opportunity to teach younger children of colors and take on a coloring journey with their little ones!

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Shocked, in awe, or surprised, only you and your imagination can tell what TomTom’s feeling might be on this coloring page! Use your creativity and imaginative mind to visualize the event happening in this illustration. On the other hand, parents can make this a way to test your little one’s storytelling skills. You might be surprised to see not only an artist but a hidden writer too!

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YoYo from Cocomelon Coloring Page

Aside from Baby J.J. and TomTom, the primary family in Cocomelon has another kid, the daughter and middle child named YoYo! If you’re a fan, you’ve most likely seen this girl, but if you’re curious to see how she looks, here is a coloring page for you! She usually has orange hair, a purple dress with white dots, and lime green shoes. You can follow this description or color her however you want.

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Cocomelon Elephant and Mouse

Cocomelon doesn’t focus only on the human characters as they also share the spotlight with their animal pals sometimes. For example, the star of this coloring page is an elephant and a mouse! Although cartoons and other media portray elephants as scared of mice, this duo begs to differ. They’re friends in this illustration, possibly even sharing their meal! Join their friendship by coloring each detail, and don’t shy away from imagining befriending these animals.

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Cocomelon Monkey and Pig

Isn’t it rare to see a monkey and pig together in one place? Well, this Cocomelon coloring page brings you that unusual yet dynamic duo! In this illustration, the monkey and pig eat their respective meals with smiles on their faces. You’ll also find delight in coloring this page with your favorite arts & crafts tools. You can even eat a banana or apple while doing so!

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YoYo Playing Yo-Yo

YoYo plays a Yo-yo on this coloring page! Yes, you heard that right. The little girl’s name is YoYo, and the item she’s holding is a “Yo-Yo,” a toy you can play with by unwinding and rewinding on the string. This toy comes in different colors, making it possible for you to design the Yo-Yo in the illustration however you want. Don’t forget to color YoYo too!

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Cocomelon Coloring Pages Conclusion

Keep you or your kids entertained as you color any from our Cocomelon Coloring Pages! Our selection offers plenty of choices to pick from, assuring that there’s always something for you. There’s no limit to how many coloring pages you can select, so feel free to hit the download button on any that captures your eyes!

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