Real-life Zoologist Brothers Chris and Martin Kratt voice their animated counterparts in a fun and kid-friendly series, “Wild Kratts.” The show started in 2011, entertaining children aged 5 to 10 in an adventure story while teaching about science and nature, mostly about animal behavior, habitats, and how they adapt to their environment. The brothers’ trademark humor, sense of adventure, and knowledge about wildlife captivated the interest of a large audience for the past ten years. Its popularity further explains the existence of our collection of Wild Kratts Coloring Pages!

Wild Kratts fans will rejoice in our compilation of Wild Kratts Coloring Pages! These worksheets not only caters to the youth, as it’s something even adults can enjoy whenever they have time to spare. Scroll over to check it out!

Wild Kratts Team Coloring Pages

wild kratts coloring pages 01

Are you a fan of the Wild Kratts team, or do you know someone fond of this science and nature-focused series? Then you will love this coloring page! It features the Kratt brothers, Aviva Corcovado, and some animals you’ve most likely seen from the show. What makes this coloring page remarkable is its poster-like look, making your output something you can display once finished!

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Kratt Brothers with Spot Swat Cheetah Cub

wild kratts coloring pages 02

As Zoologists, the Kratts Brothers usually find themselves on encounter with different wildlife. For example, take a look at this coloring page! The brothers meet a male cheetah cub which they eventually called Spot Swat. There’s more to this cub’s background but for now, enjoy coloring this lovely illustration of their encounter!

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Chris Kratts From Wild Kratts Coloring Page

wild kratts coloring pages 03

Chris Kratt is one of the two Kratt brothers who stars the show “Wild Kratts.” He’s an experienced climber and the more analytical and sensible of the two. The color green represents him on the show, giving you an idea of how to color him on this coloring page. Download a copy of this or color it online!

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Aviva Corcovado

wild kratts coloring pages 04

Inventor Aviva Corcovado is a member of the Wild Kratts team, utilizing her skills to design the equipment her teammates use. She comes second in command to the Kratts brothers. Despite her overconfidence and competitive nature, she stays cooperative with the team. If you know someone who admires Aviva, it’s about time to get them this coloring page! It doubles as a poster, definitely a delight for Aviva fans and enthusiasts.

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Wild Kratts Cartoon Coloring Pages

wild kratts coloring pages 05

When an unexpected problem arises or when nature calls it, the Kratt Brothers activate their Creature Power Suit to gain particular abilities of various animals they encounter. In one episode, they slither like a snake with the help of their suit! Are you interested to see how they look with a snake’s ability? This coloring page shows you what you need!

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Koki, Chris, Aviva, Martin, and Jimmy Z

wild kratts coloring pages 06

Apart from the Kratt brothers, the Wild Kratts team includes Aviva Corcovado, Koki, and Jimmy Z, as shown on this coloring page. Their adventures and rescue missions find success with their combined skills and efforts. It’s as if their team embodies the saying, “All for one, one for all!” Gather your friends and form a pack to complete this coloring page! Your teamwork and cooperation will make the activity a success, that’s for sure!

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Kratt Brothers

wild kratts coloring pages 07

That’s one adorable Walrus family! Judging from their faces, Martin most likely finds difficulty carrying the bigger Walrus, while Chris enjoys accompanying its baby. Join their adventure by coloring this page! Try to imagine yourself joining the brothers and befriending these animals while on the coloring process. It’ll be lots of fun!

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Gourmand Chef of Wild Kratts Coloring Page

wild kratts coloring pages 08

Who would have thought that such a skilled gourmet chef would use his skills to capture wild animals and use them as ingredients? Chef Gaston Gourmand stooped that low on the Wild Kratts series! Despite his efforts as one of the main antagonists on the show, good thing the Kratt brothers always defeat him. If this character angers you, channel your energy in coloring this illustration of him!

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Zachbots of Wild Kratts

wild kratts coloring pages 09

Zachary “Zach” Varmitech, one of the main antagonists of the Wild Kratts series, designed the Zachbot on this coloring page. What are Zachbots? Well, Zach created them to become his robot minions. True enough, they look menacing and muscular, just as Zach wanted them to appear. However, they’re one of the weakest among his inventions. If these robots were a waste, at least they found a purpose for you on this coloring page!

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Martin Kratt and Caracal

wild kratts coloring pages 10

A caracal joins Martin Kratt as he strikes a pose on this coloring page. A caracal is a medium-sized wild cat known for its long pointed and tufted ears. It’s also the fastest among the cats of its size. This supreme hunter looks calm on this coloring page, peaceful enough for you to fill its body with tawny or reddish colors.

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Donita Donata the Villian

Another antagonist that the Wild Kratts team has to face is fashion designer Donita Donata. She admires animals for their beauty while using them as fashionable assets. Moreover, she utilizes her skills as a fashion designer to make clothes and accessories out of the animals her suction vacuum sucks. Quite the villain, right? Let the Wild Kratts team handle her while you take over this coloring page!

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Jimmy Z with Koki

Jimmy Z seems to have a good time dancing with Koki on this coloring page! On the other hand, Koki looks at him awkwardly. If you’ve developed a fondness for these two characters as part of the Wild Kratts team, it’s time for you to give this coloring page a try! You’ll have a good time just like Jimmy Z, and you can get a friend to join the fun!

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Logo Wild Kratts Coloring Page

Grab this chance to customize the Wild Kratts logo, depending on your color preference! This coloring page caters to every Wild Kratts fan who wants to have the show’s logo for themselves. If you have a mobile app for coloring, you can also use its features, printing a copy of your output as a poster, sticker, and more!

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Rhino Power from Wild Kratts Coloring Page

Thanks to their Creature Power Vest, the Kratts brothers can imitate the abilities of any animal they encounter. For example, take a closer look at this coloring page! One of the Kratts brothers used his suit to use a nearby Rhino’s power to perform a task or attain his goal. The vest comes in handy whenever trouble comes, like how helpful your coloring tools will be once you get a copy of this coloring page!

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Dabio with Controller

Like many other villains, Donita Donata, an antagonist in the Wild Kratts series, also has a henchman. His name is Dabio. As this coloring page shows, he has a muscular build, which is useful when Donita needs him for physical tasks. However, he’s having a bit of trouble with the controller on this coloring page, and you can only imagine the chaos that possibly comes after once you color this illustration!

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Koki – Wild Kratts Coloring Page

Koki, a mechanic and computers expert, is one of the members of the Wild Kratts team. If you admire her character or know someone who does, invite them for a fun coloring session with this illustration! Its poster-like look will fuel your determination to finish coloring this worksheet, making you want to watch another episode of the Wild Kratts after the activity.

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Chris Kratts

Transform this black and white illustration of Chris Kratt into something colorful! It’s an excellent choice to consider if you’re an avid fan of the Kratts brothers or just looking for a boredom buster. It’s a coloring page you can frame or display in your room after completion, so secure a copy today!

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Chris and Martin Transformed into Elephants

Have you ever imagined yourself wearing an elephant-themed suit? Chris and Martin will give you an idea on this coloring page! Their Creature Power Suits helped them achieve this look, even possessing the strength and power of an elephant. Although it’s almost impossible to have such a suit in real life, at least you get to customize its color on this coloring page!

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Angry Aviva Corcovado

An angry Aviva Corcovado stars this coloring page! It’s up to you to imagine what caused her anger to fire up, including filling this black and white illustration with the colors you like. This coloring page is not limited to her fans, as anyone can enjoy its beauty, regardless of age. Don’t hesitate to download it now!

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Martin Happily Showing His Parrot Friend

Check out this adorable coloring page featuring Martin and his parrot friend! That’s a delightful-looking duo! Like how he’s happily showing his newfound friend, you’ll also find joy once you finish filling in this coloring page with the colors you prefer. Prepare your coloring tools as you print a copy of this coloring page!

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Wild Kratts Coloring Pages Conclusion

Take on a creative adventure with the Kratt brothers as your color any of these Wild Kratts Coloring Pages! Apart from the opportunity to color the animated counterparts of the Kratt brothers, these coloring pages bring out the inner artist in you. Watch and play the Wild Kratts series as you color each page to make the experience even better!

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