When talking about fictional giant monsters, ferocious beasts, and extraordinary creatures, it’s impossible not to mention King Kong. King Kong is a famous ape monster appearing in various films, books, comics, and shows since 1933. The character resembles a gorilla and sometimes walks upright in an anthropomorphic manner. King Kong’s recognizable traits include its massive body, semi-human intelligence, and exceptional physical strength. Hence, it’s understandable why movies often use the phrase “Eighth Wonder of the World” to perceive this beast. Moreover, as one of the world’s most famous fictional icons, the character of King Kong inspired not only media forms but also other items ranging from theme park rides to King Kong coloring pages.

A fantastic way to pay tribute to the action and adventure King Kong delivered through the years will be through our collection of King Kong coloring pages! The Coloring Kingdom ensures you’ll have fun with each sheet, so get ready to pick your favorite.

Happy King Kong Coloring Sheet

king kong coloring pages 01

A gorilla-like beast kidnaps a lovely lady named “Ann/Anne” in several King Kong films. Sources cited King Kong fell in love with the woman. Hence, it’s safe to say that he’s smiling on this coloring page because he’s fond of her beauty and personality! It’s up to you to envision what happens next to this scene, but rest assured, you’ll find a happy ending once you finish coloring!

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King Kong Vs T-Rex Coloring Page

king kong coloring pages 02

King Kong lived in Skull Island with other creatures such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both beings possessed large bodies and strength, and if you’re wondering who’ll win the battle, this coloring page will give you an idea! Seeing a T-Rex lying lifeless on the ground, the other locked on King Kong’s arm, the beast overcomes this carnivore. Just as Kong will finish the dinosaur attacking Ann, it’s your time to finish coloring this page!

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Men Catching King Kong

king kong coloring pages 03

In the eyes of these men, King Kong is a threat, especially since it kidnapped Ann. As seen in this illustration, they endeavor to capture the ferocious beast to take it to the city and present it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” It’s up to your imagination to figure out whether they succeed or fail in their attempt! One thing’s for sure. You’ll enjoy the creative process of coloring this illustration!

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King Kong and a Woman Coloring Sheet

king kong coloring pages 04

If you’ve watched the King Kong films, you’ll recognize the scenario portrayed on this coloring page. King Kong meant no harm to the woman, but it’s understandable why she’s scared for her life. A giant beast kidnaps her, and it’s terrifying to even think about it happening! It’s a good thing such creatures only exist in the fictional world, so why not make the most out of this illustration by filling it with colors?

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King Kong and Godzilla Coloring Page

king kong coloring pages 05

Aside from King Kong, another giant beast that dominated the industry is the gigantic dinosaur-like creature, Godzilla. In a crossover film, Godzilla and King Kong had a deep-rooted hatred for each other, their rivalry existing way back to their ancestors. See them in action through this coloring sheet! The intricate details make each character pop off in terms of appearance, giving you enough visual of how their feud goes.

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Growling King Kong Coloring Sheet

king kong coloring pages 06

Growls, roars, barks, and other types of calls are part of how animals communicate in their world. For example, look at King Kong on this printable coloring page! With his immense build, his growl must have echoed or resonated in the island where it lived! As you imagine how loud his growl is, fill in the details of this illustration with your chosen colors from your coloring tools.

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King Kong Fighting Godzilla

king kong coloring pages 07

Godzilla and King Kong’s feud continues in this illustration! It’s difficult to distinguish which creature will win, so let your imagination do the thing as you color this page. With your favorite coloring utensils, fill the details with your preferred colors. If you want to add skyscrapers, helicopters, or people in the background to make the scene more action-filled, allow yourself to do as you please!

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King Kong Chasing a Woman Coloring Pages for Kids

king kong coloring pages 08

Here’s a coloring page that will make you scream, “Run!” As depicted in the illustration, King Kong, the gorilla-like beast, chases a woman in the forest. Try to imagine yourself as the lady. Scary, isn’t it? Good for you; such a creature exists only in films, comics, and television shows. Therefore, grab your crayons, watercolor set, or markers, and bring the best out of this coloring page!

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king kong coloring pages 09

The battle of the giants, that’s what this coloring page is all about! Godzilla used its atomic breath to attack King Kong holding a top part of a building. Godzilla’s signature weapon is usually blue, but you can choose a shade of red or orange to give it more impact. The color of the rest of the illustration is up to you too!

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King Kong Fighting with Two Dinosaur Coloring Pages

king kong coloring pages 10

Nothing can stop King Kong from displaying its anger towards the dinosaurs scaring Ann, the woman he’s holding on this coloring page! King Kong would fight the two dinosaurs to death for their attempt to harm Ann. Although the dinosaurs outnumbered the gorilla-like beast and wounded it through their bites, King Kong remained undefeated. Therefore, don’t let the intricate details of this page defeat or intimidate you from coloring the entirety of the page!

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King Kong vs Gamera vs Godzilla

It’s common to see King Kong battle against Godzilla, but what if another gigantic monster joins the action? On this coloring page, you’ll see this happen! It features King Kong, Gamera, and Godzilla fighting, the land beneath their feet in shambles. While each beast has their strength and weaknesses, it’s almost impossible to say who dominates them all. Don’t worry! Your task here is only to color the illustration, so focus on that for now!

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King Kong Smashing Car

Furious and provoked, King Kong smashed a car into another in this coloring sheet! The beast lived unbothered for many years on an island, so it’s no doubt infuriating for it to find itself in a strange place. Imagine how stressful it must have been for King Kong! Use your imagination and coloring tools to visualize what happened next, and hopefully, envision a happy ending for this giant!

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Woman Escaping from King Kong

Imagine how terrifying it’ll feel to be chased by a giant gorilla-like beast! You’ll see the scared face of the woman as King Kong follows her tracks on this coloring page. The illustration also allows us to visualize how big King Kong is, compared to humans. The impressive details in this drawing deserve praise. To acknowledge that, why not give it the colors it needs as you imagine the events that are yet to happen?

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King Kong Vs T-Rex

Dinosaurs no longer exist in our time, but coloring pages like this one help you visualize how they looked in the past! What makes it even better is the appearance of the mighty King Kong! If you’ve watched any King Kong film, you’ll remember the way King Kong fought the T-Rex trying to harm the woman named “Ann/Anne.” Color each detail according to your preference and let your imagination run wild in the process!

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King Kong and Godzilla Coloring Pages

Take a closer look at King Kong and Godzilla’s faces by coloring this illustration! This coloring page sets the two beasts’ faces side by side, with their mouths opened wide, as if roaring to intimidate one another. The impressive details starting from King Kong’s fur to Godzilla’s alligator-like scales, are something you can’t take your eyes off. Download this illustration to upgrade its look by adding colors!

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Angry King Kong

Gorillas usually beat their chest to avoid fights with larger rivals, scare a foe, or when they perceive an upcoming threat or danger. For King Kong’s case on this coloring page, it seems like its anger forced this beast to thump its chest! It startled the bats in the background, and we can only imagine the intensity of King Kong’s action. Don’t be scared to color this illustration, though!

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King Kong Holding a Woman

One of the most iconic scenes in the King Kong film was when King Kong carried Ann to the very peak of the Empire State Building. It was a memorable event that coloring pages like this one incorporated for people to enjoy! The scene that followed wasn’t blissful, but at least for now, you can appreciate its beauty. Grab your coloring supplies to get started!

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Printable Cartoon King Kong Coloring Page

Are you looking for a poster-like coloring page for the King Kong film? You came to the right place! Here’s a printable coloring of King Kong, featuring the beast itself and other supporting characters, with their names displayed upfront. Like any other poster, you have the freedom to hang your masterpiece after coloring it, whether it’s on your room’s wall or the fridge!

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King Kong in the City Getting Caught

What a disheartening sight! After bringing King Kong to the city, armed people on helicopters attacked the giant on this coloring page. A jet plane also enters the scene, and we can only guess whether it has a missile waiting to get launched. Although nothing can save this beast nor stop it from terrorizing the city, coloring the details of this illustration can be your responsibility!

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King Kong and Godzilla

Have you ever wondered who will win the climactic fight between Godzilla and King Kong? If so, you’ll love to see this coloring page! It doesn’t show you who won, but it gives you an overview of their battle. These instinctive rivals decided Earth was their battleground and the reason for their feud? It’s almost impossible to know. Hence, focus on completing this page and envision their battle as you do so!

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King Kong Coloring Pages Conclusion

Get ready to bring King Kong to life by coloring any from our selection of King Kong coloring pages! There’s always a coloring sheet for everyone, whether you’re a long-time fan of this giant or knew someone young who showed interest in this majestic creature. Cozy up, prepare your coloring materials, and get ready to meet the “Eighth Wonder of the World!”

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