A large majority of us have dreamt of becoming an astronaut in some part of our lives. The thrill of a liftoff, going to space, exploring the unknown, and watching how Earth looks from above ignites the natural explorer within us, especially our longing for adventure. Moreover, the sight of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies from a different perspective, fascinates many children and adults today. Hence, Astronaut Coloring Pages make an incredible start for starting your little space cadet’s journey to space, as well as to keep an adult’s boredom away as they recall their cosmic dreams.

The Astronaut Coloring Pages collected here at the Coloring Kingdom are sure to keep everyone entertained or occupied for a few hours. If you’re into anything related to space, you’ll enjoy a ton of choices stored in this list.

Astronauts, Planets and Spaceships Coloring Sheets

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Dare to explore the vast space with these coloring pages! It’s a collection of space-themed coloring sheets, perfect for ages three and up. Aside from allowing your space explorer instinct to take you to places in the universe, these illustrations will encourage your creativity to shine at its best. Grab your space suit and meet other astronauts and extraterrestrial beings as you color each page!

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Astronaut Planet Coloring Sheets

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The universe has a lot of undiscovered gems, so it’s understandable why many people want to fly and travel to outer space, especially when they were kids! To support you or your young space cadet’s dream, pack their pens and pencils and get a copy of these coloring pages! These sheets are a good kickstart for developing your child’s curiosity about the world and what lies beyond it, as well as stimulating their creativity.

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A is for Astronaut Book with 26 Coloring Sheets

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Learning the alphabet is fun and better when paired with engaging images! For example, this coloring book helps kids learn the letters using cute animals and familiar objects. The cover page itself looks compelling enough, and if your child dreams of becoming an astronaut one day, they’ll love to have a copy of this coloring book! Although it’s not entirely space-themed, at least they’ll have fun as they learn through coloring.

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Space/Astronaut Coloring Sheets

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“Never stop exploring,” says this coloring sheet. More of that quotation and space-themed images come in these detailed coloring pages! If your child loves to hang out with their space sailor friends, it’s time to get them these sheets. Aside from keeping them busy for hours of fun, it also encourages them to discuss space-related stuff and learn more about their goals and aspirations. What a way to keep their imagination going!

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Astronaut Coloring Sheet

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Judging from this astronaut’s face, it looks like they’re happy and satisfied with the view they discovered! Admittedly, it’s a breathtaking sight to behold. Experience the same awe by coloring the planet, stars, and the astronaut using your favorite coloring tools! Mix and match colors and decorate each detail with your preferred shade to achieve desirable results!

Astronaut Space Themed Coloring Sheets

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Have a blast with the illustrations in this 10-page collection of space-themed coloring pages! It’s perfect for all ages, featuring different scenes taking place in space. From a dinosaur exploring space to an astronaut collecting celestial bodies, filling in the colors of these pages will give you so much glee! Adults and kids alike will enjoy hours of coloring fun, so don’t waste time. Grab your copy now!

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Space and Astronaut Activity Coloring Sheet

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Here’s the Space and Astronaut-themed Activity Coloring Sheet for you! It’s not your traditional coloring sheet, as it offers more than just an illustration for you to color! It includes fun activities such as a maze, tic-tac-toe, word scramble, and word search. Everything is related to space and astronauts, so if you’re a fan of this stuff, you’ll have loads of fun!

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Astronaut Dog Printable Coloring for Kids

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Non-human astronauts take over space in these printable coloring pages! The non-human space explorers in the discussion are our canine companions—dogs! Just a quick question, did you know that the first animal to make it into space and make an orbital spaceflight around the Earth was a dog named “Laika?” Well, now you know! To help maintain your interest and visualize what a space dog looks like, download these sheets and make yourself busy coloring!

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Astronaut Coloring Sheet

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It’s up to your imagination to figure out whether this astronaut is walking on the moon, another planet, or an undiscovered celestial body! However, one thing’s for sure: your artistic side will shine on this coloring page. Aside from letting your inner artist control and modify the aspects of this illustration, the activity itself is stress-relieving, especially for adults. It’s time to get working! Visualize what’s happening on this coloring page and have fun!

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Astronaut Outer Space Coloring Sheet

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Coloring pages are versatile! Aside from developing a child’s color recognition and relieving stress for adults, the output has other uses, such as becoming a wall art! For example, you can use this space-themed coloring sheet for your child’s space-themed occasion. Have their friends color this page and hang the results for them to admire throughout the day!

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Space Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Experience the thrill of exploring the vast universe with this coloring page! It features an astronaut attached to their shuttle, floating in space. There’s so much space-related stuff going on in the scene portrayed in this illustration, but don’t let this intimidate you from grabbing your coloring tools and filling it with your preferred colors!

66 Pages Space Coloring Book with Planets, Astronauts, etc.

Has your child ever opened up about wanting to travel to space or become an astronaut one day? If so, take them on an adventure in outer space with this coloring book! With several space-related designs compiled for boys and girls, your kid will enjoy hours of coloring fun while living their space travel dream.

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Astronaut Coloring Sheets for Kids

These printable sheets are incredible boredom busters and support for your little space cadet! Aside from the stars, planets, and asteroids, you’ll also find several extraterrestrial figures on these pages. There are seven coloring pages for your kids to enjoy, whether they’re at home or traveling with you. Once finished, you can also hang their output on the fridge or in their room!

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Astronaut with a Fishing Rod Sitting on the Moon

That’s an unusual and odd-looking illustration of an astronaut on the moon! Usually, these space sailors hold flags and other equipment while walking and exploring the moon. Meanwhile, it seems like this explorer begs to differ by sitting on the moon with a fishing rod! Discover what it got by coloring this page and letting your creativity imagine what is happening with our space traveler friend.

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 Astronaut and Space Objects

Travel to outer space and meet new friends with this illustration featuring astronauts and space objects! As displayed, you’ll see different celestial bodies, space crafts, space cadets, and even an alien on this coloring page! There are a lot of details to cover with colors, and you’ll find the results fascinating, especially if you have a heart for space-related things.

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Astronaut Coloring Sheet for Kids

Although you’re unlikely to float in space like the astronaut in the illustration, let your imagination take you to places! Of course, astronauts need to gear up before leaving Earth, even training for years to survive unearthly conditions. Similarly, take this opportunity to practice your creativity and train your imagination! Who knows, your next travel might even be in space!

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Astronaut in Outer Space Coloring Sheet

Even if a vast fraction of us won’t experience the thrill of riding a space shuttle and seeing the Earth from far above, that shouldn’t stop us from learning about the parts of a spaceship! Therefore, feast your eyes on this detailed coloring page! It features the basic terms about a spacecraft, with an astronaut tagging along the learning process. Young explorers and space-loving kids will love this coloring page!

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Rocket Ship & Astronaut Coloring Sheet

Space explorers go above and beyond Earth through their rocket ships, just like the astronaut floating on this coloring page! If you have an aspiring astronaut on board, coloring pages like this will help develop their creativity. Moreover, completing this illustration will build their confidence in attaining their space travel dream. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

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Astronaut Coloring Sheet

“I am limitless,” that’s what this coloring page says! This statement applies not only to astronaut aspirants but to everyone else who feels defeated by life’s challenges. Like the successful astronauts who pushed their limits and stepped out of their comfort zone, it’s time for you to do the same! Completing this coloring page is a good start, and remember that you’re limitless!

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Astronaut & Rocket Ship Coloring Sheet

Simple is best, and that’s what this coloring page embodied! The well-defined lines displayed the astronaut, rocket ship, and the moon’s craters clearly, making it easy for kids to color within the lines. It’s an excellent design for space lovers and aspiring astronauts, coloring enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to unwind after a tiresome week.

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Astronaut Coloring Pages Conclusion

Rocket to space and explore what lies beyond our planet through these Astronaut Coloring Pages! These coloring sheets are perfect for any aspiring cosmos explorer, regardless of skills or age. Zoom in to our collection and download anything that interests you or whatever you think your beloved space fan would love to have!

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