Gorillas are majestic animals, known as the largest living primate in the world. Despite their intimidating look, muscular build, and enormity, these animals are calm, gentle, and rarely aggressive towards humans. Young gorillas are also playful like many other animals, while adults rest and watch nearby. These herbivorous and ground-dwelling apes are native to the African continent. Sadly, they’re critically endangered and constantly threatened by habitat loss, uncontrolled hunting, and many more. It’ll become difficult to see one in real life, but it’s a good thing coloring pages exist! Aside from the videos and images online, a Gorilla Coloring Page works well for kids and adults to imagine how actual gorillas look.

Save time and effort from finding the perfect Gorilla Coloring Page to color! Here at the Coloring Kingdom, we’ve got you covered! Our collection of Gorilla Coloring Pages will keep you in touch with nature, especially the largest of the great apes, gorillas.

Gorilla Coloring Sheet

gorilla coloring page 01

Gorillas may look scary at first, but they’re only dangerous when threatened or provoked. Take a look at this coloring sheet! Although you’ll find the gorilla intimidating because of its opened mouth, don’t worry! It meant no harm! You can freely color the patterns on its body, mixing and matching colors to make the illustration lively. Instead of feeling scared, you’ll find the results satisfying!

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Printable Gorilla Coloring Page

gorilla coloring page 02

Add some vibrant hues to this gorilla coloring page! Although they’re usually black and gray, the other details in this illustration will give your bright colors time to shine. Other than the well-defined lines displayed on this page, the art is stunning and will make you want to color more. There’s no limit to printing this page, so feel free to print as many as you please!

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Mountain Gorilla Coloring Sheet

gorilla coloring page 03

In some parts of the world, it’s almost impossible to witness a live gorilla. However, you can get a closer look at what a gorilla looks like on this coloring page! The lines defined the fur clearly, enough for you to visualize the exterior of a gorilla. They usually walk on all fours, just as depicted in the image. It’s as if you’ll see one in real-life once you finish this coloring sheet!

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Funny Gorilla Coloring Sheet

gorilla coloring page 04

Although gorillas live in the wild, they don’t necessarily need to look beastly on illustrations. For example, the gorilla shown on this coloring page looks funny, but in a good way! It’s holding a banana, ready to eat it under the blazing sun. Little ones will find enjoyment in turning this gorilla into a majestic one by coloring it as it enjoys its fruit!

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Angry Gorilla Coloring Sheet

gorilla coloring page 05

That’s one fierce-looking gorilla! It’s as if we can hear its roar! Whatever angered this primate should run as fast as it could. Good thing it’s only a coloring page! There’s no need for you to run or hide because no matter how angry this gorilla looks, you can paint over its face with every color you like.

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Cute Gorilla Family Coloring Sheet

gorilla coloring page 06

What a lovely gorilla family! Gorillas are social animals, so they enjoy living in family groups. These groups can even range from a couple of gorillas to more than 40 members! For now, delight in this coloring page featuring a cute family in an African area. The illustration gives a brief representation of how gorillas live in the wild, a sight we can enjoy better with our coloring tools!

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Eastern Lowland Gorillas

gorilla coloring page 07

The decline in the population of Eastern Lowland Gorillas is devasting. Habitat loss, uncontrolled hunting, conflict, and instability are just a few of the many threats that endanger these impressive animals. Despite this, let’s continue hoping to see them smiling and at peace, just like the gorillas in this coloring sheet! Who knows, this illustration may portray a pair of gorillas living happily in the wild!

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Mountain Gorilla

gorilla coloring page 08

Here is a coloring page that shows a mountain gorilla with a calm look on its face. It’s an incredible illustration you can use to introduce your child to different animals in the world, especially if they’re fond of primates. Print this coloring page, prepare their coloring utensils, guide them to coloring this gorilla, and hang their output once finished!

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Western Lowland Gorilla

gorilla coloring page 09

There are several gorilla subspecies, one of which is the Western Lowland Gorillas. You don’t have to travel far to see one because this coloring page brings this primate to you! Western Lowland Gorillas are the smallest among the other subspecies, having black, brown, to grey coats and auburn chests. You can follow this description to bring the gorilla in the illustration to life, or refer to the internet for accuracy!

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Cross River Gorilla

gorilla coloring page 10

Africa’s most endangered great ape, the Cross River Gorilla, is at risk of extinction, will fewer than 300 individuals existing in the wild. These rare yet majestic primates strive in the wild, and locals continuously improve their conservation and protection efforts to this day. If you’d like to see one, this coloring page is your ally! It offers an amusing depiction of the Cross River Gorilla, allowing you to visualize one even at home.

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Coloring Page of Gorilla and Pineapple

As herbivores, gorillas enjoy snacking on vegetation, starting from the roots to the fruits of many forest plants. However, this gorilla looks confused with the pineapple on its hand! Only our imagination can tell whether it adds pineapple to its vegetarian diet. While filling this image with your preferred color, try to picture the gorilla savoring the taste of the pineapple!

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Cute Little Gorilla

Walking on all fours is a common type of movement for gorillas, as depicted in this coloring sheet! Kids may find its expression intimidating, but that’s okay! This gorilla means no harm at all. To help them befriend this cute primate, prepare their coloring materials and guide their color choices, possibly to imitate the colored sample on the left side of the page.

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Gorilla Cartoon Coloring Sheet

Are you looking for an activity to give your little primate lover? Well, you came to the right place! Here’s a coloring sheet you need! It’s an illustration of a gorilla sitting. Kids will enjoy coloring the coloring sheet, especially since the well-defined lines will keep them coloring within the lines. Start the fun by clicking the download now!

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Gorilla Cartoon

Furious or provoked, this gorilla doesn’t look peaceful at the moment! While it’s rare to see gorillas enraged with humans, this coloring page gives you an idea of how they look. You can use any coloring materials you prefer to make it look more vivid, and imagine yourself encountering a gorilla in the wild.

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Silverback Gorilla

Silverback gorillas gained their name because of the silver or greyish-white hair male gorillas develop on their shoulders and backs as they age. If you’re interested in how they look, this illustration will give you a boost! It’s a coloring page featuring a Silverback gorilla on its fours, working its way on the forest. Complete the beauty of this Silverback gorilla by adding colors to the illustration!

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Gorilla Coloring Pages for Kids

It seems like this gorilla feels sleepy or communicating with other individuals through its roar! Whatever the case is, it’s up to you to figure it out! How? Grab your favorite coloring utensils and let your mind wander as you color the details on this coloring page. Coloring doesn’t end with the gorilla. Feel free to add colors to the surroundings as well!

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Extent Top Gorilla Coloring Sheets

Aside from walking on fours, gorillas are also capable of walking upright. That’s what you’ll see on this coloring page! It’s a gorilla standing confidently in a forest with another gorilla on its fours at the back. The illustration somehow indicates this gorilla thumping its chest. Try to imagine the gorilla in its habitat, and let your imagination guide you to coloring the image.

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Gorilla in the Jungle Coloring Sheet

Tropical rain forests of Africa long became the home of gorillas. The resources available in these forests and jungles provide the necessities for these animals, especially since they live mainly on a vegetarian diet. As the illustration depicts, it looks happy and contented in the place where it lives. Get your coloring utensils and make it look happier with the colors you’ll use!

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Gorilla and Baby Coloring Sheet

If you’ve watched the film “Tarzan,” this coloring page may bring back some memories! An adult female gorilla took care of little Tarzan, just as displayed in the illustration. You can follow the colors from the movie or think outside your comfort zone, letting your imagination do its part. It all depends on you and your creativity, and remember to have fun!

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Little Gorilla Coloring Sheets

Chill and relax as you color the gorilla on this coloring page! If you’ve had an exhausting week, take the chance to print this illustration to unwind and let your thoughts drift away for a while. For context, it’s an image of a gorilla on its fours, standing on a grassy field, possibly within a forest. Don’t worry! Take your time and enjoy the process, allowing yourself to get immersed in coloring.

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Gorilla Coloring Page Conclusion

Embark on a safari adventure with a Gorilla Coloring Page! Our collection allows you to see gorillas in their various moods and habitat. Whether you’re interested in this large primate or just a coloring enthusiast looking for an illustration to color next, you’ll find something for yourself in our compilation. Take your time to choose your favorite and download it right after!

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