Other than Marvel and DC comics or films, many superheroes captivated the attention of kids and teens through books. Among these heroes include Captain Underpants. Its fast-paced, action-packed, and comedic storyline is perfect for young readers, especially since most kids can sympathize with the main characters’ problems. Its book series consists of 12 novels and several adaptations such as a CGI-animated film, television series, and interactive episode streamed and released on Netflix. Of course, other than appearing on-screen, there are also items inspired by Captain Underpants. These items include the Captain Underpants Coloring Pages!

Shout out to all fans, casual viewers, and coloring enthusiasts! Our collection of Captain Underpants Coloring Pages is all you need! Aside from enjoying your favorite hero’s illustrations, our compilation allows you to celebrate your creativity as you go through the process of coloring.

Captain Underpants Flying Coloring Page

captain underpants coloring pages 01

Were your plans canceled? Are you left with nothing else to do? This coloring page will give you something to work on! It features the funny yet brave Captain Underpants smiling as he flies midair. The illustration focuses mainly on Captain Underpants. Moreover, the empty background gives you a lot of space for customization, like adding buildings or trees.

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Cool Captain Underpants

captain underpants coloring pages 02

If you think Captain Underpants is cool despite his strange outfit, you’ll love this coloring page! His cape is flowing as he stands proudly, with his index finger pointing upward. This illustration will look like a poster once finished. Therefore, feel free to frame or hang it in your room for you to admire once in a while.

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The Turbo Toilet And Tippy Tinkletrousers

captain underpants coloring pages 03

Like most superhero films and series, Captain Underpants also encountered villains like Turbo Toilet 2000 and Tippy Tinkletrousers. Their quirky names probably ignited your curiosity, so here’s a coloring page that depicts how they look! Yes, Turbo Toilet 2000 is a toilet, while Tippy Tinkletrousers is a genius and an inventive scientist. Weird combination, right? Complete this illustration with colors to make them look better!

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The Turbo Toilet

captain underpants coloring pages 04

It seems like something angered Turbo Toilet 2000 on this coloring page! While it’s almost impossible to know the cause of his anger, for now, why not color this illustration using any available resources you have? Don’t be scared to color mouth, razor-sharp teeth, and fists! Turbo Toilet is harmless, at least in this image.

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Captain Underpants With George And Harold

captain underpants coloring pages 05

Captain Underpants made some funny remarks, and it’s evident in George and Harold’s laughter as depicted in this coloring page! Join the fun by coloring the characters, letting your creativity take over the process. Although you can copy the colors from an online sample, use your freedom to color each detail according to whatever color you like.

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Harold And George Connect The Dots Worksheet

captain underpants coloring pages 06

Coloring pages don’t necessarily need fully-drawn illustrations. For example, this coloring page allows kids to connect the dots before proceeding with the coloring process. It works best for kids starting to learn their numbers and recognize colors. If they like Harold and George from any Captain Underpants book or film, they’ll love this even more!

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Captain Underpants With Underpant Symbol

captain underpants coloring pages 07

Batman has a distress device called bat-signal, used to summon the superhero. Of course, Captain Underpants has it too! If the bat-signal displays a bat, it’s rightful for Captain Underpants’ signal to show an underpants! Hilarious as it seems, this coloring page depicts how proud Captain Underpants feels with his signal. You’ll also be proud to see the masterpiece you’ll produce once you finish this illustration!

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Evil Poopypants

captain underpants coloring pages 08

From his early life to when he received a job at an elementary school, the character in this coloring page earned a lot of laughs not for his jokes but his name. Why? He was Professor Pippy Poopypants! Soon enough, he turned evil, becoming the main antagonist of the Captain Underpants franchise. Finish his look on this illustration before he uses his inventions against you!

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George Beard

captain underpants coloring pages 09

A precocious child—that’s what best describes George Beard. He’s one of the main protagonists in the Captain Underpants series and best friends with Harold Hutchins, another main character. If you’d love to see George, here’s a coloring page for you! You may refer to any online source on which colors to use or allow your creativity to visualize this character’s look!

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George And Harold

captain underpants coloring pages 10

Have fun with your best friends as you fill in the colors of this coloring page! It features the dynamic duo, George and Harold, the main characters of the Captain Underpants series. If you’ve read or watched any from the series, recall your favorite moments as you color this illustration. It’s a great bonding activity to enjoy with your best friend!

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Captain Underpants Golfing

While Captain Underpants seems to enjoy golfing, it looks like George and Harold want to stop him! Why? The dinosaur behind the bushes may be to reason! Why not grab your coloring utensils as you try to decipher what’s happening in this illustration? Once finished, feel free to hang your masterpiece on the fridge or your room!

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Tara Ribble

That looks like another antagonist for Captain Underpants, George, and Harold to defeat! This coloring page shows Tara Ribble as Wedgie Woman, a wicked lady with hair superpowers. As displayed in the illustration, her hair turned into several arms, a terrifying power we could only imagine! Do you know how to make this coloring page less scary? Try to color each hand with a different color!

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Happy Captain Underpants Coloring Page

Silly as it seems, here is a coloring page for you to commemorate Underwear Day! Captain Underpants leads the celebration, and we can only imagine George and Harold’s embarrassment as he stands proudly on top of the building with only his underwear. Complete this coloring page using your favorite arts & crafts materials, and have fun through the process of coloring!

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Superhero Captain Underpants Coloring Pages

When speaking of traditional superhero powers, one cannot rule out flight. Even in real life, many of us wish to have the ability to fly wherever we want. Hence, it’s natural to think that Captain Underpants is capable of flying too! This coloring page rightfully depicts that! Using your creativity, feel free to add and color a background that fits the illustration.

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Mr. Krupp And Melvin Captain Underpants Coloring Pages

Aside from the odd-looking villains in the Captain Underpants franchise, the main characters also have to face secondary antagonists. You’ll see them on this coloring page! Surprisingly, Captain Underpants is Mr. Krupp’s hero form! Moreover, the kid in the illustration is Melvin, one of the most clever students in school but is a tattletale. Imagine the frustration the lead characters have to face because of these antagonists! Good thing you only have to color them.

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Harold Hutchins

Harold Hutchins is George Beard’s best friend and one of the main characters of the Captain Underpants franchise. If you’re curious to see how he looks, you’re in for a treat! Aside from the chance to see Harold Hutchins, you can also color or personalize his outfit’s color with this coloring page. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

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Cute Captain Underpants Coloring Pages

Enjoy your popcorn with Captain Underpants by coloring this illustration! This coloring page embraces simplicity at its finest while portraying Captain Underpants’ adorable features. Decide on the coloring tool you’ll use to bring this coloring sheet to life to get started! Moreover, like previously mentioned, grab your popcorn or anything to eat to make the experience even better!

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Super Captain Underpants Coloring Pages

Super Captain Underpants stands confidently on this coloring page! Although one might argue that his outfit shouldn’t be something to be proud of, at least he’s out there to save the city from terrorizing villains. Don’t hesitate to color this illustration! The results will satisfy you, and your creativity will flourish as you personalize this coloring page.

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Super Flying Captain Underpants

Fly high, Captain Underpants! Like most superheroes, Captain Underpants enjoys flying too. If you’d like to experience the fun or watch this superhero’s happy flight, take pleasure in coloring this illustration! The white background gives you lots of space for personalization, such as adding buildings, people, or even a villain to ruin Captain Underpants’ fun. The possibilities are endless, so grab your materials to start!

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Captain Underpants Running

It’s up to you and your imagination to envision the event taking place on this coloring page! This illustration portrays Captain Underpants running on a grassy field barefoot. Create a scenario in your head to visualize what’s happening as you color the page. Who knows, you might figure out why Captain Underpants is running with a smile on his face!

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Captain Underpants Coloring Pages Conclusion

Enjoy a good laugh and a bucket of smiles with our selection of Captain Underpants Coloring Pages! There’s a whole bunch of choices to choose from, whether you’re a fan or just a coloring enthusiast. Feel free to download anything from our collection or come back once you’ve finished coloring what you’ve downloaded!

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