Many people pick Yoshi as their favorite character ever since this fruit-eating sidekick appeared in the Super Mario series. It’s understandable why, as Yoshi possesses some of the most lovable traits a game character can have. Aside from becoming a reliable aid to Mario and Luigi, Yoshi is clever, has a great personality, and is a hero by nature. These characteristics helped him gain public recognition, soon becoming a cultural gaming icon. Yoshi’s popularity laid the foundations of Yoshi-inspired games, including merchandise and gifts, including coloring pages! Yoshi Coloring Pages serves as a platform for kids and adults to display their creativity while having fun with their favorite dinosaur-like video game character, Yoshi.

Here at the Coloring Kingdom, our collection of Yoshi Coloring Pages will keep your boredom at bay for as long as you like. Download as many as you like and enjoy hours of coloring fun with Yoshi, one of Nintendo’s most celebrated characters.

Yoshi Fishing Coloring Pages

yoshi coloring pages 01

It looks like Yoshi got a good catch! In the Super Mario Bros franchise, this fish called Cheep Cheep appears as an underwater and recurring enemy. Yoshi caught one, and we can only imagine what happens next! If this coloring page captured your interest, consider getting a copy of it by hitting the download button. Then, while coloring the illustration, try to imagine what Yoshi will do to the big fish he caught!

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Yoshi, Mario, and Friends

yoshi coloring pages 02

Join Yoshi, Mario, and his friends, as they take on a dangerous adventure and fight the evil! This coloring page may look daunting and chaotic, but the results will appear satisfying! Not only will you get to color Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi, other characters in the franchise are present too. Feel free to invite your friends to your coloring journey!

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Yoshi with the Princess Coloring Page

yoshi coloring pages 03

Aside from being a dependable sidekick, Yoshi also helps Mario by providing him with means of transportation. Although Mario is not present, Yoshi helps the Princess on this coloring page! A smile is evident on her face, and Yoshi will protect her for sure. Complete this coloring page using your favorite arts and crafts tools!

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Yoshi with Saddle

yoshi coloring pages 04

Like how saddles are necessary for horseback riding, Yoshi also has a saddle on his back. That doesn’t mean he’s a horse! This item distributes the rider’s weight for balance and comfort, especially during long rides. Yoshi is so thoughtful for adding a saddle on his back for Mario, Luigi, or anyone who needs a lift! Consider adding your desired colors to this coloring page to complete the look!

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Yoshi with Egg Coloring Page

yoshi coloring pages 05

Do you know that Yoshi isn’t a dinosaur? Nintendo stated this clarification before, noting that Yoshi belongs in the species named “Yoshi.” However, they do have similarities! Aside from the appearance, Yoshi/s hatch from spotted eggs, just as depicted in this coloring page! The spots hold the same color as the Yoshi that laid it, so use your creativity to fill this illustration with colors.

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Yoshi with Baby Mario

yoshi coloring pages 06

Baby Mario takes on an adventure with Yoshi on this coloring page! Not only that, before Mario became the plumber who rescued a princess, Yoshi saved him when he was young. He’s a true hero by nature! Support Yoshi and Mario’s hero adventures by coloring this illustration when you’re free or out of activities to do.

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Yoshi Throw Eggs

yoshi coloring pages 07

Be careful with that egg, Yoshi! You wouldn’t want it to crack open before it’s ready! It’s almost impossible to know why Yoshi looks fired to throw the egg. Use your imagination to figure that out! While you’re at it, color this coloring page as well, making sure the egg matches Yoshi or at least is one of the 12 colors Yoshi eggs can have.

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Yoshi Sneaks Coloring Page

yoshi coloring pages 08

Where is Yoshi off to on this coloring page? Judging from his eyes and action, it seems like he’s sneaking out of town or someone else’s supervision. Whatever the reason is, we can only hope he doesn’t get caught! For now, have fun filling this coloring page with the colors you like.

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Yoshi Running Away

yoshi coloring pages 09

Run as fast as you can, Yoshi! As shown in this coloring page, Yoshi does his best to distance himself and the baby away from the enemies. Don’t get fooled by the number of feet depicted in the image! It only shows Yoshi’s speed. Grab your coloring tools to complete this image, using your imagination to figure out what happens next.

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Yoshi Playing Basketball

yoshi coloring pages 10

Basketball doesn’t only exist in the real world. Come and take a look at Yoshi on this coloring page! He’s having fun playing basketball, just like any other basketball enthusiast. Join Yoshi by coloring this illustration and play basketball with your friends or family members to experience the delight Yoshi had!

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Yoshi on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can appear daunting and dangerous for many, but don’t worry! Yoshi got this! Although Yoshi can provide transportation for others, it’s time for him to find one for himself. Customize Yoshi’s motorcycle to give it personality, but don’t forget to match it to whatever color you’ll choose for Yoshi!

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Yoshi Laughs Happily

Hop along with the laughter and fun Yoshi feels on this coloring page! For many people, coloring brings relaxation and joy, especially after a day of exhausting work. Find yourself smiling and happy, just like Yoshi, once you finish this illustration! The results will satisfy you, and you have the freedom to display your masterpiece anywhere you like.

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Yoshi Playing a Ball Coloring Page

Back in our childhood, most of us enjoyed playing ball. This coloring page will bring back some memories! It’s as if Yoshi’s smile reflects how we felt when we played ball as a kid. Isn’t it nostalgic? Reminisce more childhood memories as you color this coloring page! It’ll be fun, joyful, and even relaxing too!

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Yoshi is Very Happy

Laughter and happiness are contagious, and Yoshi on this coloring page proves that! Just looking at this illustration brings joy, but what more if you were to fill it with colors? Go ahead, try it out! The species holds 12 colors, and although Yoshi, Mario’s sidekick, is green, you can use another color is available in your palette.

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Yoshi is Always Ready to Help

Yoshi’s heroic nature is irrefutable, especially on this coloring page! He’s always ready to help anyone in trouble, protecting the vulnerable from danger. Just look at how he’s trying to run as fast as he can! If there’s one thing you can do to support his heroic act, go and color this illustration, making sure to cover every detail as much as possible.

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Yoshi In the Mushroom Kingdom

Follow Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom through this coloring page! Get to meet his friends and fight the evil with Yoshi! Grab your coloring utensils, pick the medium you’ll use, and begin coloring. You can imagine yourself in the Mushroom Kingdom or share the fun with a friend who loves Yoshi or the Mario brothers!

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Yoshi in The Main Battle Coloring Page

Among Yoshi’s abilities includes his tongue capability. As depicted in this coloring page, his long, sticky tongue enables him to attack enemies or defend himself in a battle. Chaotic as it seems, you’ll eventually enjoy filling this coloring page with whatever color you prefer! The results might surprise you and make you want to display them for people to admire!

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Yoshi Sticking Out His Tongue

When talking about tongue ability, Yoshi never gets left behind! Aside from its usefulness in battles, it also allows him to eat particular objects and absorb the power it has, even if he were to eat his enemy! Try coloring this illustration, and add things to the space around it. Imagine what items Yoshi would love to eat, including the power it possibly holds!

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Yoshi at the Cinema Coloring Page

Heroes need some leisure time too! For example, Yoshi enjoys a movie at the cinema on this coloring page. If you need an activity to do in your leisure time, this coloring page allows you to unleash the hidden artist in you. You can also grab a pack of popcorn just like Yoshi or open a movie on background for additional entertainment.

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Yoshi Carries Mario on His Back

What a reliable sidekick! Yoshi surely understands what Mario needs to save the princess, quickly offering transportation services for him. Quick! Join their hero adventures by taking part in coloring this illustration. Use their respective colors to bring each character to life, but feel free to incorporate any color you prefer to give it your personal touch.

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Yoshi Coloring Pages Conclusion

Put your game console down and take pleasure in coloring these Yoshi Coloring Pages! Our compilation provides a great distraction and boredom buster for kids and adults looking for an off-screen activity that’s entertaining and worthwhile. Try coloring one from our range of coloring pages and find yourself coming back for more!

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