A crystal is a valuable and unique kind of solid material in which atoms, molecules, or ions have a repeating arrangement, causing the formation of distinct patterns. They’re a luxury nowadays, often used in jewelry, as healing stones, and more. Crystals don’t come cheap, but you’ll have low-priced ones at your fingertips through crystal coloring pages! You can use various colors or layer them up to bring these crystal illustrations to life, resulting in an aesthetic masterpiece!

Here’s great news for you! Here at the Coloring Kingdom, we’ve gathered the best crystal coloring pages that every skill level can use. Check out our collection, have fun playing with colors, and own a crystal as you improve your artistic skills and focus!

8.5×11 Crystals Coloring Pages Pack

crystal coloring pages 01

Here’s a very slick way of presenting the beauty of crystals when it comes to art. It’s a PDF file containing five high-quality coloring pages filled with crystals of distinct features and sizes. They’re perfect for any skill level as the illustrations are not too complicated nor too simple to color. Play with color combinations and achieve the crystal you’re aiming to see!

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Crystal Theme Adult Coloring Pages

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De-stress and be creative with these five crystal-themed coloring pages! Some of the pages in this set display quotes, while others present an illustration centralized on the crystal theme. These coloring pages are perfect for self-care and meditating sessions since they will keep your mind focused on the activity alone. It’s a coloring page available in JPEG and PNG format, allowing users to print or color it digitally over and over again.

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Crystals and Gemstones Printable Coloring Sheets

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Are you an adult searching for a fun yet soothing hobby to relieve stress on the weekends? Get things started with this printable coloring page! It’s an incredible illustration to work with, displaying gemstones and crystals varying in shape and sizes. Crystals exist in a wide range of colors, so use your freedom to play with different color combinations as you complete the page!

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Gems and Crystals Adult Coloring Sheets

crystal coloring pages 04

Coloring pages are not just for kids, as many adults find great use of them for leisure and de-stressing sessions! If you’re starting a coloring journey or an intermediate artist, these gemstone coloring pages will help you improve your creativity as you relax. It consists of diamond mandalas and gem patterns, making each coloring session fun and meditative. You can even jam with your favorite playlist as you fill in the details of each crystal!

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Downloadable Crystals and Gems Coloring Sheets

crystal coloring pages 05

It’s interesting to see how the crystals and gems in this coloring page reflect an identical figure when folded in half. The entire illustration uses unique combinations and arrangements of shapes and lines. As a result, the whole image is not only fascinating to look at; it’s also mesmerizing in the eyes. If you’re struggling to “clear your mind” of worries, try this coloring page to keep yourself occupied for a while!

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Crystal Mushrooms Coloring Sheet

crystal coloring pages 06

Crystals are already stunning, but when paired with mushrooms, expect things to get even better! There’s something about mushrooms and crystals combined that makes them mystical. Hence, the existence of this coloring page! It’s an enchanting illustration, perfect for adults who want to take a break, sit down, and focus on something else rather than the troubles in life.

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10 Coloring Pages of Gems and Crystals

crystal coloring pages 07

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, taking a break from your daily responsibilities, or someone who loves coloring, try these crystal coloring pages! They’re perfect for quiet coloring sessions as they help your brain focus on something else rather than the thoughts that exhaust you every day. There are 30 different designs for you to start with, and it’s up to you when to complete each. Take your time and don’t forget to have fun!

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Crystal Coloring Book with 20 Sheets

crystal coloring pages 08

The designs in this crystal coloring book are excellent for anyone who needs to unwind after a long day of tiresome work. The crystal illustrations use fine details that are not too complex and easy-to-color. With 20 coloring pages consisting of varied crystal prints, you’ll be able to channel your creativity to something worthwhile and calming to the mind.

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Floral Crystals Coloring Sheet

crystal coloring pages 09

Crystals and floral ornaments look enthralling together, just as presented on this coloring page! Both figures tend to display vivid colors, so it’s up to you to envision what result you want to achieve once you complete filling the colors of this illustration. There’s a lot of color options to choose from, so take your time and pick your desired combination!

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Moth Crystals Coloring Page

crystal coloring pages 10

Bright lights attract moths, which subtly explains the theme of this coloring page! While crystals do not produce light, they reflect many colors through the light passing through them. Well, that doesn’t stop the moth in this coloring page from attaching itself near the charming crystal! Moreover, the design on the moth’s wings is exciting to color, so why not help it look charming like the crystal?

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Crystal Cluster Garden Coloring Sheet

Feast your eyes on this printable coloring page, featuring a crystal cluster surrounded by gorgeous flowers and bubbles! The lines and shapes are well-defined, and it looks like the crystals and flowers co-exist in a garden. It’s a hand-drawn artwork traced using design software, resulting in an illustration people can enjoy coloring for hours. Try it now!

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Psychedelic Mushroom Art Crystal Points Coloring Sheet

Don’t get intimidated by this coloring page! While it uses a “psychedelic” theme to form the mushroom and crystal mandala art, it’s a harmless illustration that you can use for your arts and craft sessions. It’s a digital coloring page, so you also have the freedom to print as many as you like. Go ahead, fill the artwork with vibrant colors to create that “psychedelic” effect!

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Fantasy Crystal Line Art Coloring for Adults

Are you up for a challenge? Here’s the coloring page for you! Crystal embellishments beautify the woman in the image, making it feel like she came straight out of a fantasy world. The intricate details, variety of crystals, and clean line art in this gorgeous adult coloring page are something to look forward to, especially if you’re into this kind of difficulty. The choice of coloring media is up to you, so have fun coloring!

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Printable Crystal Pattern Coloring Sheet

Here’s a coloring page that kids and adults will enjoy! The illustration showcases a crystal pattern that fills the page. The gems vary in shape and size, giving you the freedom to color each depending on your liking. It’s a coloring page that offers a fun way for you to get creative, so feel free to print and color as many pages as you desire!

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10 Page Crystal Healing Adult Coloring Book

Crystals are known as healing stones for misaligned energy levels and areas of mental wellbeing. Although they don’t specifically cure diseases, it’s mentally healing to color the crystals in this printable coloring book! There are ten pages of assorted crystal-themed designs, ideal for de-stressing as it will keep your attention away from the worries that trouble you for a while.

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Crystal Magic Festive Magic Grayscale Coloring Sheet

Elegant and stunning, those are the two words best fit to describe this grayscale coloring page. There’s something about the lady standing above the crystals that’s captivating, and the more you look at this artwork, the more you’re drawn in to fill it with color. It’s a coloring page that would look even better with the right combination of color, so sit down, free your mind, and let your creativity take over.

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DIY Crystal Coloring Sheet

Are you looking for a new activity to do in your self-care sessions? Try this crystal coloring sheet! Spiritual and mental health inspired the creation of this coloring page, and the crystals used in the artwork vary in different ways. Don’t forget to set your mind free for a while and focus on the masterpiece you’re forming. Choose a relaxing color combination and have fun coloring!

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Crystal Frog Coloring Page

Start a fun and relaxing hobby with this fantasy coloring page! It’s a unique artwork starring a mysterious frog with its skin covered with crystals. The coloring page uses a simple and engaging art style that will keep you hooked on coloring until you complete your work of art. It’s great for kids and adults, regardless of skill level!

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Hand-Drawn Crystal Coloring Sheet for Adults

If you need a page for a relaxing coloring session this weekend, download this digital file that’s available in JPG, PDF, and PNG format! It’s a printable coloring page for adults, featuring hand-drawn crystal art, varying in shapes, size, and design. The gemstones have distinctive features, making them unique from one another. Grab your preferred coloring tool and have fun coloring each!

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25 Crystal Coloring Pages

Channel your inner artist in these printable coloring pages! There are 25 crystal designs to complete, ideal for crystal enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who loves coloring. They’re perfect for any skill level, making it a fun and peaceful activity anyone can enjoy during their free time. The colors for each crystal are up to you, so don’t worry about anything and have fun!

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Crystal Coloring Pages Conclusion

Own a crystal right at your fingertips with our compilation of Crystal coloring pages! It’s a selection perfect for crystal lovers or anyone looking for an activity to do during their leisure or spare time. There’s a diversity of choices to choose from, so pick a favorite to begin the process!

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